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How Your Body Language Is Influencing Every Major Aspect Of Your Life

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by Conscious Reminder

When you think of everything that affects your life, you usually think of concrete things. Such things can be: where you were born, or who your true friends are, or what you do to make for a living, or even where you live.

What a lot of people cannot understand is that every single thing they do, including their body language, may significantly affect the world around them.

Here is how some experts claim that body language may influence people – or how they can take advantages of such scientific knowledge too:

Social scientists spent decades observing body language.

With this, they have discovered that the body language of people alerts their way of perceiving others or perceiving themselves, and how far they go in their careers. Another thing which was found to affect people’s thoughts is the emotions utilized in some online negotiations.

This partly happens are a result of their original wiring.

In fact, human beings are wired to pick up on subtle quirks. In order to aid them to get a much better idea when it comes to the world in which they live, they look at how others are positioned. Also, they are looking for strong body language in order to attempt to measure who is more powerful. They are looking for someone that has its body language ‘vulnerable’ so they can take advantages of him or her.

Their body language shapes who they are on the subconscious level.

People are profoundly intertwined with their body language, so their way of feeling body language is going both ways. So, when they do some specific actions, their brains register them feeling as more vulnerable, attracted, or powerful.

Exerted stress hormones when people have stressed body language.

Certain things, such as closing themselves out, being afraid and shrinking away, tend to release the hormone cortisol. It is a hormone which makes people feeling quite stressed. This is a feedback loop.

That’s why leaders usually have lower cortisol and higher testosterone.

As good leadership always requires dominance, it should not be a surprise that low cortisol and high testosterone is the combination usually found in people with high powers. We all want leaders that will not react poorly to stressful situations, so it is more of a natural choice.

After that, there is the way in which smiling or another happy gesture makes them feel.

In the meantime, smiling or some other different happy gestures will boost the levels of endorphins and increase testosterone. This is actually the reason why a lot of people that smile quite a lot, feel happiness most of the time.

Body language with high power may be addictive.

This testosterone which is given by power positioning may make people very risk tolerant. That’s why those that do such dominant poses are greater risk takers, and they prefer gambling, in comparison to others that have body language with low power.

How to do such power poses?

While you sit, keep the back straight and smile. Then, spread yourself a little bit. You can also cross your legs, in the ‘4’ formation. Also, rest the head in the hands just like you are lounging. Then, think about how bosses sit and sit in that way. Remember that eye contact would be the key.

Smile when you feel blue.

You can force yourself to smile, or just hold a pen with your mouth. Leave the body language wide open. If you actually feel the need of being more alert, open your eyes widely. If you doubt, ensure that you are not hiding the body behind certain things. Insecure people are those that do so. You should not do that, but be the leader instead.

Connected mind and body.

When you change the body, you will have the ability to change how you feel, how others see you, and the way you handle every single thing which life puts on your way.

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