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Venus Transit Aquarius March 1st- March 26th: Openminded, Creative & Artistic

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The planet Venus is actually the ruler of desires, money, and relationships one-on-one. As the sign of Aquarius is one of the friendships, it appears that its energy is going to work excellently with the loving planet Venus.

However, Aquarius may be emotionally detached, which may cause confusion when it comes to intimate relationships and love while Venus is spending some time here.

The period when Venus happens in Aquarius will be the perfect period to love, but with purpose. It will also be the time to uphold your ideals of kindness, individuality, and unity. You are called on to surround yourself with other people and open your mind to every form of love.

When the planet Venus enters in Aquarius?

Once the planet Venus enters in the sign of Aquarius, that line which stands between friendship and love will be thin. Aquarius is the ruler of friendships and even different kinds of groups, so at the time of the transit, you will usually find yourself falling for someone you already know.

You may also realize that the ones you previously considered only friends might be your perfect match. Also, the probability of meeting someone new through social outings or mutual friends will also increase during this period.

Aquarius is a sign which is not really devoted to its own emotions than the rest of the signs. It does not rely on its heart, but on its head instead.

This means that people are not interested in establishing love and passionate connections or sweet nothings during Venus in Aquarius period, but they want to connect with the ones who they share opinions with.

The approach of Aquarius is not possessive, and it may bring fresh air or needed to breathe of reason to partnerships.

When in a relationship, the planet Venus in the sign of Aquarius is going to lighten the intimacy level, and encourage you to reconnect once again with the friendship, honesty, and also common interests which drew you to your partner.

This period will make it very obvious that pursuing your passions separately will enrich what you are bringing back to your relationship.

Those that are single should stop being single during this period, as the planet Venus, which is one of desire and love, being in Aquarius, which is one of creativity and idealism, will put unique flair on a new romance, and will open your mind and who you love and how you love. If you are more open during this period, the chances that you will find love are very high. 

During this period, you will also be drawn to original, modern forms of personal style and art. It will be an excellent time to even experiment with other different ways of décor and dress.

What does it mean if you are born with the planet Venus in the sign of Aquarius?

Those people that are born with the planet Venus in the sign of Aquarius are real humanitarians. They trust in the inspiration and power of people anywhere, and they surround themselves with family members. They are outgoing and social by nature, feeling alive when they are with their friends.

They are interested in mind connections instead of heart connection, and they strive to keep their individuality when they are in committed relationships.

Other people consider them odd. When talking about personal appearance, these people express themselves creatively, without ever sticking to one particular style for a very long period.

They have original thoughts, big visions, open minds and strong values. Embracing these traits will make their life more magnificent.

Traits of Venus in the sign of Aquarius:

Unique; Experimental; Casual; Open-minded; Creative; Unusual; Social; Unifying; Idealistic.

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