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Keep Your Woman Happy, She Brings You Luck!

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In a happy marriage it is the wife who provides the climate, the husband the landscape.

—Gerald Brenan

They say if a man does not treat his woman with respect, luck turns its back on him. Do you have any idea why this happens?

Women a creatures of creation. A woman’s creative thinking is many many times stronger than the creative thinking of a man.

She has far more chances and abilities to influence the future. Women don’t only create their own destiny, but they are powerful enough to affect their partner’s future as well.

When a woman feels happy and satisfied in the relationship she is in, her partner suddenly starts feeling the benefits of it.

Practically, every door he knocks on, opens like he has a master key and luck follows him around like a faithful dog.

Because she is happy and content, her inner state activates the power of her creative thinking, and, I won’t be wrong to say, but a woman blesses her husband with success and wellbeing and attracts everything and everyone good into his life.

It’s through the woman’s that the flow of prosperity, happiness and wealth is directed towards a man. If that’s not the case, then a flow of destructive forces is headed his way.

The woman is closely associated with the subtle spheres; the world of energy. Because of her own thoughts, her inner emotional state that builds the physical level, is formed and created quickly.

If a woman is not satisfied with her family life and she is not happy with her husband, it will be quite hard for him to succeed in life, well, in most of the spheres of living, if not all.

Do you know why smart men do not save on gifts for their wives or girlfriends, why they try to protect them from from everything unpleasant going on and try to surround them only with positive and happy experiences?

It’s simple. It’s because they know that a satisfied woman is a source of well-being and happiness for the whole family.

Via Soul Travel Rules

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