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The Two Faces Of Each Zodiac Sign – Where Do You Belong?

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by Conscious Reminder

A small number of people know that each sign of the Zodiac has two different types. There are people that are entirely true when described by their sign, while there are also those that were born really close to some other sign which makes their characteristics different.

However, after you read this, you can also feel like your sign is the one in which you fit more. There are a lot of variations, and when we think better, two people that have the same Zodiac sign are not precisely alike.


Type one: These people have bad tempers and won’t give up from fights. Although they tend to be quiet, sometimes they can also be terrifying and loud.

Type two: These people are very beautiful, and others look up at them. They can also be selfish; however, others overlook that as they believe that it is a privilege to be in their lives. They are able to care of themselves, but they also love it when they are the center of attention.


Type one: When they have to do something, except work, these people are lazy. They would instead spend their free time in watching movies on Netflix instead of going out with their friends.

Type two: These people are really chill, but they don’t like jokes when talking about finances. They possess a temper which no person may take on and is going to destroy every person that walks in their way when they are pissed.


Type one: These people are two-faced and back-stabbing bitches, and every person around them knows that or is conscious of their potential. Other people constantly surround them, but no one likes them a lot.

Type two: These people get offended quite easily, as they are moody, but after all, they can be wonderful friends. They won’t let other people keep them away from doing something they want in their life.


Type one: These individuals are very protective when it comes to loved people. They shelter others, and they let them use them. They have to be quite assertive when it comes to their own life. They have to try living for themselves and not others.

Type two: These people care about those around them, but they never let the needs of those people interfere with theirs until it is recommended and reasonable. They would gladly help those that are important to them.


Type one: These people are self-absorbed and obnoxious. They believe that no one or nothing in the world matters more than themselves. Others hate them, but sometimes they have to pretend that they like them.

Type two: They love themselves, but they don’t mind helping other people sometimes too. They are outgoing and funny, and they are also willing to learn and teach rather than pretend to know everything they do.


Type one: These individuals are well-organized and also selfish sometimes. They don’t like dealing with others unless those people are their friends. They are hard workers, and they worry more than they are supposed to.

Type two: Virgos love casual connections and always find the solution to a problem. They are quite emotional, although they don’t show it, and have a secret wild side too.


Type one: They prefer long and meaningful relationships, as they don’t like to waste their time on games or flings. They quickly admit that they are wrong, and always correct other people’s mistakes.

Type two: These people always pay better attention to certain things. Others find it hard to refuse their requests. They use their brains as the way of getting out of some situations which are not important.


Type one: Scorpios are really sexy, and they love chasing others. They mastered the romance game, but they do not want to be with one partner for a long time.

Type two: These individuals are sensual, doing wonderfully in their relationship until the passion fires don’t burn out. They are humorous, and others love their arrogant ways.


Type one: They love traveling and doing things which are funny for them. They are also emotionally detached, never settling down with only one person.

Type two: They love having friends for traveling together. They are free spirits that are more linked with the world than others. They are also loving and kind.


Type one: These people are ignorant jerks that spend most of their time working, which makes them spend less time in reality. They believe that their way of thinking is unique.

Type two: They are harsh when they are angry, and later return in order to check the things. They don’t like waiting as they are not really patient individuals.


Type one: These people always think for themselves and maintain their mind open. They are terrible liars, and they can be more creative from all the other signs in the Zodiac.

Type two: They are extremely self-reliant and independent. They hate it when they have to ask for help, so they will do everything in order to prevent this from happening. Usually, others misunderstand them.


Type one: These people have an enormous heart, and they can be too sensitive sometimes. They always bring out the best in the people around them. They are intuitive, always following their instincts.

Type two: They are guarded, but with a reasonable reason, they know how evil people may sometimes be. They are dreamers and love spending time in solitude, playing games and watching anime. They are profoundly emotional creatures that search for attention in relationships.

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