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8 Signs That You Are Highly Sensitive To Energies Others Can’t Sense

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by Conscious Reminder

Imagine that you are sitting in one particular room and you are having certain images in your head that you cannot recognize or identify with.

When you continue thinking about them, you will say that it is only the subconscious that plays tricks or tries to actually tell you certain things. However, the reality for all this is something completely different.

You are actually experiencing the memories, feeling, and emotions of someone else. However, it does not mean that you are actively attempting to actually read their mind; instead, you are sharply attuned to the energy they possess that you may easily collect every energy vibe which passes through people around you.

Read the eight signs below and find out if you are an empath or not:

1. Distance is not important

Regardless of where a person is, when you have a profound connection with him or her, you will sense their energies. Also, you may feel their feelings and even be in contact with the emotions they have. However, remember that you should not feel such emotions as your personal ones, but feel them as something distinct.

2. Claustrophobic

You really hate huge open concerts, and large crowds were a lot of people milling about in a crazy cacophony. That region is full of negative energies which can quickly make you feel overwhelmed and sick. You prefer to spend time alone in some place where there is silence or surround yourself with just several people too.

3. Sensory awareness

This means that you are a person that is especially sensitive to loud noise, bright lights, foul smell, or pungent tastes. As you have an empathetic mind, remember that your own body is going to be connected with your mind always. This will lead to increasing your awareness about your body, together with your mind too.

4. Gut-feeling

The receptiveness you have towards different energies surrounding you will give you the intuition with which you will have the ability to predict certain things right before they happen. Even though you are not aware of how or why you actually know those things, they are just happening.

As you are able to see the energy of a person and decide whether it is a good or a wrong person for you, you will also know if you should be with him or her or not.

5. Sensitive

Taking into consideration that your whole life is actually based on sensing other people’s feelings and emotions, it will be ridiculous if you are not sensitive. However, you are even profoundly linked with nature or everything else which is earthly too.

6. Detector for lies

You are considered a detector for lies because you have the ability to see when other people lie to you. The reason for this may be as you have the ability to sense the energies of those people, and lies will trigger some kind of changes in those people’s aura and also in the way those energies function.

7. Not a violent person

You cannot watch violence even on TV. Often, you put yourself in the situation of the victim, which is going to depress you really seriously. This is going to make you a different person from others. Although such actions can also happen in reality, your reception and awareness are going to bring it down to the level of real life.

8. Avoid people that suck your energy

Although you are probably the best person in the world, it doesn’t mean that you are stupid. You exactly know who are the people you should meet or who you should avoid, as they will suck energy and life out of you, in that way leaving you drained.

So, remember to keep such people far away from you, as they are going to harm you, although they will try to convince you they are your friends.

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