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Did You Know That 10-20 Minutes Of Meditation Per Day Can Greatly Reduce Your Risk Of Giving Shit?

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One of the most important things we’ll ever learn in life is meditation. Since there’s a lot of wrong data on the topic of how to meditate properly or the sitting positions, we decided to present these meditation techniques for beginners. So here’s an ultimate guide with 18 practical tips.

We’ve all learned something new in our lives, and we had to start somewhere to learn it. The same goes for meditation. But there’s nothing more beautiful than to be at peace with yourself and live at your full potential.

Although there will always be room for improvement, at least you’ll know where to put your focus with our meditation techniques for beginners guide.

If you practice it, you will learn more about your mind and the commands you brought with your action and behavior. If you are a newbie, then you will see that many of your actions are without a choice.

But these meditation techniques for beginners will help you make wise decisions and put your attention where you want it to be.

So we now present 18 valuable and practical tips which will help you learn meditation and what it means. You can try practicing a few of them, and then you can come back and continue with the rest.

1. In the beginning, two minutes are enough.

You might think being able to meditate fully is easy, but it’s not! For the first two weeks try meditating for just two minutes a day, then slowly increase by a minute every few days until you’re up to 10 minutes a day at the end of the month.

2. Make meditation a morning routine.

Also an easy tip, isn’t it? So set a reminder and meditate each morning for two minutes.

3. There’s no “right way” to do it!

Don’t worry about things like choosing the best place to sit, what position to use, or what to wear. Just find the best comfortable, quiet place to sit – bed, sofa, or chair.

4. Don’t forget to notice your feelings.

At the beginning of each meditation session, first check how your body feels and what your mental state is (anxious, busy, or tired). When you understand your feelings, accept them and be at peace with them in the meditation process.

5. Count your breaths to 10.

Inhale through the nose and feel the breath going through your lungs. Count one for each breath. Just do it relaxed and slowly. Count to 10. Then start over again.

6. The mind will wander, and this is completely fine.

When this happens, just smile gently and return to the counting. At first, you might feel frustrated with this. But it’s all fine, and it will take a little effort to keep your focus where you want it to be.

7. Establish a loving attitude.

During the meditation session, a lot of thoughts and feelings will arise. Try not to think of them as intruders or enemies. Indeed, be friendly with them.

8. You are not doing it wrong.

Do not worry too much about how you are doing it. We’ve all worried about that, and it’s pointless. There isn’t a perfect way of doing it.

9. Should you worry about clearing the mind?

Clearing the mind is not the goal in meditation, even though it might happen sometimes. You cannot stop your thoughts and clear your thoughts 100%. Our brains are like production lines for ideas; they’re active 24/7.

Instead of that, practice focusing. When a thought arises, keep focusing your attention on your breathing, for example.

(Add Steps 10 and higher after your first couple of weeks. This guide is meditation techniques for beginners, so we don’t expect you to take all the steps the first week. But if the early steps have not been fulfilling for you, you may try these later steps early. Then you should feel satisfied.)

10. Stay with whatever arises.

Be curious and stay awhile with the feelings and thoughts coming up.

You’ll be surprised how much you will learn about yourself. It’s an excellent meditation practice.

11. Get to know yourself.

Meditation is not just focusing attention. Meditation is more about learning what’s in your mind.

By simply observing your mind’s “actions” during the meditation process, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn about yourself.

12. Your best friend is yourself.

Become friends with yourself. Learn to appreciate more, smile and give love to yourself instead of just criticism.

13. Scan your body.

After you learn how to follow the breathing, it’s time to start scanning one part of your body at a time. Start from your feet. Feel the toes and slowly continue up to the head.

14. Start noticing the light, the sounds, and the energy around you.

While you may have been only focusing on one point, look at the light around you — nothing else — only the light. Then on another day, listen to the sounds, and on another, feel the energy in the room around you.

15. Make a strong commitment.

If you just say, “I’ll try these meditation techniques for beginners for a couple of days,” you’ll never meditate seriously and feel the benefits of it. Commit yourself to this!

16. Everywhere is the perfect place for meditation.

Whether traveling somewhere on a bus or a plane, or sitting on a bench in the park, every place is a good place to practice meditation.

17. If you like, you may try guided meditation also.

Many of us use guided meditation, so it’s perfectly fine for you to try it.

18. Smile after the meditation.

That’s what you should do at the very end, giving yourself appreciation. And be grateful for the time you’ve spent with yourself. In that way, you show yourself that you are worthy.

While meditation is not always smooth and peaceful, we recommend practicing it. This meditation techniques for beginners guide will help you a lot! Set this as a goal for yourself. Let go of stress and anxiety. Learn meditation and change your life!

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