Is There A Real Reason To Believe That The Law Of Attraction Truly Exists ?

by Conscious Reminder

We are what we think we are. A lot of people cannot realize how strong thoughts can be and even how each of the thoughts possesses its authentic energy signature.

We are magnetic energy beings, which means that when we have some thought, it will lodge into our magnetic field immediately, the one better known as our aura.

So, when the thought stays in this precise field for some time, it usually radiates out, projecting itself into our Universe. We can easily imagine what will probably occur to a person that is always afraid of certain things which are going to happen in his or her life.

He or she consciously thinks about it, dwells on it, obsesses on it, and feeds his or her precious energy on it too. And, the final result will be sending the stream of thoughts based on fear into our Universe.

This is like they hold up a certain sign above the head, which says: “Hey, come to me!” So, it usually does. Then you’ll hear them say: “I knew this was going to happen!” It is not something complicated to understand that people attract what they vibrate.

In fact, everything is about frequency.  Just like the saying ‘like attracts like,’ we can also say that frequency attracts the same frequency too.

Everything around us is energy, and it even includes us. As we are energy, it means that we are going to attract the identical frequency which we are resonating.

So, it will go without even saying that when we are afraid, we attract fear, when we are kind, we attract kindness, and when we are grateful, we attract prosperity. While we think, we start feeling.

While we feel, we start vibrating. When we are vibrating, we also start attracting. So, we have to remember that we are going to attract right what we are resonating.

There are people who were always aware of the way in which the thoughts create our reality.

We usually live following conditions and rules which we imposed upon ourselves by our parents, media, society, government, and religion, or even some other influential individuals.

Such behavioral patterns, conditions, and rules were instilled in us when we were impressionable and young.

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