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Guardian Angels Are Here To Teach You, Not To Clean Up The Mess You Leave Behind

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by Conscious Reminder

Every one of us deserves to utilize a little bit of help sometimes, and the easiest way of inviting help in our lives will be by calling our angels.

There are a lot of divine creatures out there that simply wait to assist us while we go through easy or hard things in our lives. They expect for us to ask them before they are permitted to intervene, but there are people that forget to do so.

Karma note:

Many people believe that when they did something wrong, everything they have to do will be to call their angels in order to fix everything. But, it doesn’t go that way. Angels act just like they are our parents, the good ones.

In fact, they want the best for every one of us, and good parents want their children to be responsible when they actually mess something up. Just like our loving parents, our angels support us through such times as well.

So, when we think to use our angels actually to get ourselves out of the scrapes, we should think again. In fact, they are going to help us, but we will have to do something more.

Of course, someone will love us unconditionally, or everything may be forgiven one day, but that does not mean that our actions’ consequences will simply disappear as we have asked our angels for help.

Call our angels.

Once again, we should think of our angels just like they are our parents. So, when we need some help, does our partner immediately arrive? Sometimes he or she does.

Paternal and maternal instincts are real, and our angels experience them too. Their job will be to protect us from harm when it is not our time to simply go.

However, for all the other times we want them to help us, we have to pick up the spiritual phone. It is easy, and it is like praying. We should simply ask for some help from our angels when there is something up. It may be something like this:

For example, we were stopped by the police for speeding. So, when we see that the lights appeared behind us, we can simply pray: “Hey angels, need your help now, can you help me get through this quickly and easily today? Thanks.”

When we fight with someone, we should send our silent message, saying: “Can I get some angel love, please? Can you help with this? Please guide me with the right words to say now.”

When we have lost something big, we can say: “Hey angels, I’ve misplaced my wallet. Please guide me to the room this item is in and put me in front of it as soon as possible.”

We can actually do this every time we need to or for anything because our angels are definitely there for some reason. When searching for some lost items, pendulums will be an excellent tool for connecting with our angels.

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