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The Pisces New Moon Ritual Will Help You Set Your Boundaries

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Tonight, during this New Moon which happens in the sign of Pisces, we should set our boundaries, as this lunar cycle is going to reveal where our limits lie.

Pisces is a vulnerable sign, showing us where we were victimized or where someone took advantage of us. But, we should stop this. It will be the right time of putting our feet down, particularly as Pisces is the ruler of feet.

This sign is actually the one which governs dance, which is a ritual utilized for ages in the ancient and modern sacred traditions.

We can make our playlist for this time or play our most favorite Spotify station so that we can have our lunar party. We may do this in solitude, or invite some friends, but we may also want to begin something in a private and safe space.

We can even choose music which speaks to our soul and is danceable. We should reduce the light in order to create a mysterious and nocturnal atmosphere just like Pisces loves.

We can even do this ritual using candlelight. Then, we should take off our shoes. The exercise is more about having our head up in the clouds because we need to have our feet securely on the ground.

Then, we should turn the music on, and try these two dances:

The foot stomp

When we have our boundaries crossed, we may feel guilty and angry, particularly when the one that crosses them is someone close to us. Stomping out some energy through our feet will be an excellent way of saying: “No! I’m putting my foot down!”

For this purpose, we should choose one song which has a quite strong beat and then dances in the stomping and marching gesture. We can also shout out “No!” while we are dancing, for an additional effect. It is going to feel amazing, particularly when we picture the boundary crosser’s face.

Boundary activation air chop

The field of auras is going to extend outside of our body. We can feel pushed, violated or pushed when someone crosses our boundaries. So, this particular dance is supposed to reactivate our protective fields around our body, and also reinvigorate our intuition.

We can even make the karate-chop movement while we are dancing. We can strike our arm in the air for six inches or so away from ourselves.

We can start with our root chakra, which is placed between our hips, and then work our way up to the top of our head. We should notice where we should focus our time.

For instance, if we have some trouble with speaking up, we should work on our throat area. Also, if we have given a lot of love, we can work in front of our heart. In fact, this particular exercise isn’t about blocking others but about remembering where our boundaries lie.

Other rituals for this period:

  • We can listen to shamanic drumming track, while we have our eyes closed. Then, we should journal about the dreamlike images which arise;
  • We can celebrate arts at theater performances or live concerts;
  • We can get reflexology treatments, pedicure or foot massage;
  • We can purchase a dream journal which we can keep by our nightstand. We should record our waking ideas and thoughts.

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