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8 Signs Indicating That You Are Merging With Your Higher Self

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The awareness of the higher aspect of who we are, or the higher self, has been known for many years. Connecting with and discovering your higher self may be easier than you think.

Even though life cannot be explained, we are all aware of the different stages in life. We know what it is like to have high expectations of yourself, we know what it feels like to be excited about your next step, we know what it is feels to have completed a stage in your life.

However, suppose that the stage you are at now is surpassing that. Suppose that you have already come to a stage in your life that is embodying your higher self. Suppose that you have gathered all the information and experience that you have now, and you are ready to merge with your higher self.


1. You have started to follow your life purpose

Ignore the opinions of other people and focus on achieving your life purpose. How are you going to achieve it? Before you observed the room looking for an answer, but now you are looking inside yourself and waiting for the voice, saying: Calm down.

The voice advices you and directs you to things that surprise you. It tells you to make more friends and to improve your life quality. You have realized that this guidance is specific and caring.

2. You are no longer projecting

Instead of following your relationships and projecting, you are surpassing them and looking for a new experience. You have already seen through imagination and you can determine what you have already projected and what you will project in the future.

Thinking about the future will help you to forget the unpleasant past experiences, so you will be able to the results as they will start to appear in front of you.

3. You accept yourself and become allowing

You were grasping in the past, but now you have to sit back on the knowledge you have gained. Moreover, you have to accept the energy you have and know that you are exactly where you were determined to be.

You believe in yourself. You know that there are some aspects of your experience that you cannot understand, but you can understand them within yourself. Your high and low aspects give you the answers you need. All you have to do is to sit back and wait.

4. You do not force your life

You do not force your life, because you know that everything will fall into its place. Being a person, who possess amazing contrasts and who has explored deep fissures of density, means that you are able to manifest your wonderful moments of flux and clearness.

You are good at balancing receptivity within yourself. You were moving around and grasping in the past, whereas you are now waiting and trusting yourself.

5. Time is dispersing in your experience

You let your past positive moments to unfold in your mind, knowing that you are creating them now and thus improving your future. You remember all the positive moments and deeds you have done in the past, but you also let time to disperse and return the memories to the Source.

As time disperses, you know that you do not have to hold on those moments, because they are part of your presence and your Now.

6. You are becoming a non-dualistic being

You do not only enjoy yourself, but also the entire world. You know that the good and the evil do not exist; the beauty creates itself in the eyes of the beholder.

You can recognize the truth in the eyes of the people you meet, but you do not mark it as good or evil. When you notice anger and frustration in the eyes of the people, you offer them compassion. However, if they do not accept it, you are not upset.

You think that those moments of frustration are funny, so with your humor you are illuminating it for the other people, too.

7. You let yourself feel your emotions to the fullest

You do not do this with the intention to give your emotions away, but with the intention to fully enjoy them. Your entire spectrum of emotions has manifested though your heart, so that you can feel them to the fullest expectations.

You do not know what have stooped you to do it. However, you know how awful it is not to be able to feel your emotions. Out of fear to lose control you have forced yourself in an awful state. Now, you know that there was not any control to lose.

8. As the mirror reflects, you cannot help everywhere you look, but you can reflect pure love

You are passing your positive vibes to the people around you and you have no longer a set purpose in your life. In becoming connected with your higher aspect, you understand what is really important and what makes you feel happy. In this way, you find good in everything around you. This makes you create enjoyable experiences.

You begin to understand the complexity of the universe and how it works. You know that your goal is to create positive experiences that make you smile. In this state of higher self, you can easily understand what you want.

Enjoying the beauty around you and listening to the voice inside you, you can determine easily what you want. You know that you achieved what you wanted in the past, even though you thought you were bad at it. The knowledge that you have will help you to create the life that you want.

You now feel happy, because you know what you want to do. You are satisfied with the path you have taken. Life is amazing, especially now when you have the key. You cannot wait to see how extraordinary it is going to be.

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