Use These 5 Ancient Mudras To Work On Your Spiritual Growth

by Conscious Reminder

When speaking about magic in today’s modern world, we usually refer to the capacity to use energies in order to make something work in our own favor.

They can be anything from our mind’s energies, to candles, incense, and the undeniable Mother Nature’s power to the Law of attraction. Another, very powerful tool we can use are the Mudras. 

What are mudras?

Well, mudra is a term that means a “gesture”, “seal”, or also “mark”. A mudra is a symbolic gesture usually practiced with our fingers and hands. It helps in facilitating the energy flow in our subtle bodies and enhancing our journey within.

In fact, some of the best-known mudras were said to be those which are performed at the time of meditation. They were utilized for years in the East, especially in Buddhism.

A lot of people probably noticed that the statues of Buddha usually have hands in specific positions. Mudras are utilized as spiritual practices, as some way leading to enlightenment. 

The mudra gestures can be different, and they also have different purposes or meanings like happiness, good health, prosperity, and a lot more.

Here, we will list the five powerful and common mudras which people can utilize to lead their life in the desired direction and transform on the spiritual level:

Vayu mudra

For those that are hyperactive and aggressive, the Vaayu mudra is definitely the one for them. It is a gesture which is utilized to actually decrease the element of air and provide people with the needed support, particularly for anxious minds.

Aakash mudra

For those people that feel emotions like sorrow or anger stronger than other feelings, this is definitely the perfect mudra for them. This position of the hand will help them relieve anger, fear, sorrow and cognitive problems. Moreover, it is a powerful way which they can use to detoxify their body from some metabolic waste, which is not good for them.

Buddhi mudra

For those people who find that they have their mind foggy, the Buddhi mudra is going to be excellent for them. This particular mudra is utilized for providing mental clarity. So, when people have to understand the intuitive messages coming from their subconscious mind, they should perform this particular gesture. It will improve communication like internal dialogue, which is its most powerful benefit too.

Garuda mudra

The Garuda mudra is actually meant for those people that need a strong spiritual awakening. This is a very powerful mudra, and it may be utilized to elevate cosmic energy inside the aura and the body. It is also called prana. The magnificent energy flow will almost instantly awaken the natural abilities of a person, and it may be utilized for a lot of different things, such as awakening the internal powers, boosting energy and vitality, and eliminating exhaustion.

Lotus mudra

For those people who are actually surrounded by some negative energies, then the Lotus mudra will be excellent for them. This mudra helps in eliminating negativity and also negative energies and releasing a bad mood. Moreover, it is utilized to assist in connecting people with their Divine source, and holy light. The Lotus mudra blesses animals, people, and objects, raising positive vibrations and energy.

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