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St. Patrick’s Day Is Almost Here. Here’s What Astrology Has To Say About It

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

With St. Patrick’s Day coming near, we are looking for magic or luck to come to our side. Many of us would be looking for four-leaf clovers or the mythical pot of gold located at the end of the rainbow.

But those are just stories – what about ‘luck’ as in astrology.According to astrology, luck can take place any day, but it has to do with timing. So, we can use the help of astrology to ascertain the right time for luck to help us.

It has been seen that when our conscious and energies are focused and aligned with each other, we become lucky. If you study properly, you will find out that most of our holidays are based on older traditions and the sacred calendar. So, is St. Patrick’s Day similar? Well, it is.

March 17th marks the St. Patrick’s Day but it is not the only thing that is happening. The Sun is also at the end of its journey through Pisces during this time. Pisces is dreamy and spiritual and brings a desire in us to give up our ego and connect with the universe.

People become intoxicated on this day because ‘spirits’ (alcohol) is used as a misrepresentation of the word for Spirit. We are actually supposed to be creating a deep connection with our higher self. Thus, we drink ourselves to oblivion to become whole with our inner selves because there is this inner energy which is pulling us inwards.

If you are someone whose birthday is at the same time when the Sun is located in Pisces, then you will be more imaginative and able to visualize the greater picture. This is also a kind of surrender.

You are surrendering your critical capacity to enter the Collective Unconscious which carries all kind of meaning within it. It is in the Collective Unconscious that you find your true purpose and the meaning of life.

If you are someone who experiences mystical elements in your life, that is also a kind of surrender of your discernment. You are opening yourself up to new possibilities and you are receptive about it. You don’t need to subscribe to any religion or any deity. All you have to do is surrender to the ultimate ‘All That Is’.

When the Sun departs from the sign of Pisces and then enters into the sign of Aries, then you have the Spring/Vernal Equinox. This is also referred to as the first day of the Spring season and it comes just after St. Patrick’s Day.

Aries is direct – it fuels your passion and puts you in one specific direction. In many spiritual communities, when the Spring Equinox occurs, a Hierophant selects a phrase or a word which becomes a motto. It depicts the intention that is to be followed by the entire spiritual community.

You should try doing the same. It’s quite simple:

1. Reflect

This is the time when the Sun is moving to the final point of Pisces. So, dream and reflect on something that is greater than yourself. During this time, you have to try and sacrifice your ego and be one with the Spirit. Be intoxicated with it during this period.

2. Receive

The Universe is always sending you some kind of message. Open yourself up and receive this message. Breathe in and make sure that the air fills you from inside. Be inspired. Find yourself a meaning.

3. Selection

Select a word or a phrase that will match with the message you receive from the universe. Don’t think too hard – let it just come to you slowly. Once you have the entire essence within you, whittle it down to come up with a single word or phrase.

4. Bring It Out With Passion

When the Spring Equinox arrives, state that phrase or word aloud with passion and intention. This is the passion that you should show through the year.

5. Be Altered

Now transform yourself in the WORD.

On March 20th, the Spring Equinox will take place. Be ready to use your lucky time constructively.

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