This Is The Reason Why Starseeds Reincarnate On Earth

These souls came to Earth to do a certain task. Their real home are the distant parts of the Universe.

Most of these souls are involved in helping the humankind (they usually work as psychologists, social workers, doctors, astrologers, teachers, journalists, etc.).

On a conscious level they might look as any random person, but deep down they believe that they have to do their best to help mankind pass through difficult times that are coming our way full throttle.

These ‘aliens’ remained unknown throughout years, because, unlike the story that Hollywood has been serving us for years, they are not some green weird-headed creatures; they are men and women of normal appearance!

The difference is that they have this internal mechanism for doing tasks that will prepare the world for the new era, the Age of Aquarius.

They are charismatic people who are well ahead of their time and are mostly guided by intuition.

The following characteristics make up the general portrait of Starseeds:

– Magnetic eyes
– Body temperature lower than normal
– Blood pressure below normal
– Unusual blood groups or a combination of blood groups
– Sensitivity to electricity, electromagnetic fields, etc.
– They sleep a little and work better at night
– They were unplanned babies
– They want to express their love for their parents, but they feel that their mother and father are not their real parents
-They feel that their ancestors were really from the other world, the other dimension, a different level of consciousness
– Nostalgia for the real home
– They have a sense of urgency, lack of time to accomplish great goals and special tasks
– Hear high frequency sounds or ear ringing when something’s about to happen
– They communicate with invisible friends who give them instructions, support and information
– They can suffer severe accidents, illnesses or injuries around the 11th pr 12th year of their life.
– They have unusual abilities, which some members of their families and their peers consider abnormal. In addition, it appears to have “extraordinary” talents in areas such as art, mathematics, music, theater, science or treatment.
– As a rule, they attract young children and animals
– They can have mystical crosses (signs) on the palms
– These people are attracted by unusual crystals and rare types of stones
– They often imagine themselves flying

These souls are incarnated on Earth for one reason — to save mankind. All, without exception, are important because they have chosen a difficult path in life, and they see themselves as aliens here, on this planet we call Earth.

via Soul Travel Rules

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  1. This is a very unusual description of star seeds and rather strange as it concentrates a lot on the physical. Their main differences from us are not physical they are spiritual. Their character and personalities are very different because we are all born with the character we developed over many lifetimes. They come from planets thousands of years in advance of ours technically and spiritually when life was heaven compared to life on this 3D planet but they volunteered to come and help us through the massive change the planet and everything on it is starting to go through. The most recent to arrive are the star children who were highly skilled technically, spiritually, mentally etc. They are our future leaders who will teach us things we could only dream of.

  2. There are many types of Starseeds from many different Stars.

    A Sirius Starseed is different from Orion and Andromeda. Physical, mental and spiritual.

    We have similarities, we have a lot more differences though.

    We are DIVERSE BEINGS and we exist.

    Those children that are seeded from the stars do not adhere to the structure placed, multidimensional in faces cannot be categorized. The dismantlement of society in steadfast motion is the center of our presence. The shadow of the dream and the shine of the dream speak with us to ascertain a certain level of dwelling with Ego. Now it is seeming like many who have acquired power fall to shadow somewhat.


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