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Angels Are Sending These 5 Signs, And You Shouldn’t Ignore Them

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by Conscious Reminder

An angel is our guide and guardian. An angel is a divine spiritual being of light and love that works with mankind in order to aid us in our lifetimes. A guardian angel is unique to every one of us. Every one of us has our team of angels.

An angel will respect our free will without directly interfering in our life until we asked it to, or when we are in danger.

When we ask to be guided, our angels are going to communicate with us through our intuitive feelings, or some other different ways too. When we are not sure about some decision, we can ask our angels for an indication, in order to confirm our feelings.

Such signs are going to help us in feeling the direct connection, giving us confidence in order to keep moving, and enhancing the intuition.

There are a lot of ways in which our angels are giving us signs and most of them can be entirely unique to every one of us. When our angels would like to get our attention or to warn us and even remind us of something significant, they will do that in several common ways.

These are the five signs from our angels we should never ignore:

Ringing in the ears

Ringing in our ears will be one of the most common ways in which our angels will try to reach us out. This can mean reassurance, letting us know our angels are somewhere near and also available for us, in order to help and comfort us.

Moreover, it will be the indication of confirmation; everything we were thinking or saying when the ringing happened was definitely something important. It means that they are asking us to pay more attention and that we are right where we should be with our intuition.

The number 11

In fact, numbers are the universal language which is also used by angels in order to communicate. Repetitive sequences of numbers have their message, and it will depend on the particular number we see.

The number 11 can be a sign that has multiple meanings. It is the sign which angels tend to send again and again when we have to get our point across.

This number means awakening. It will also remind us to be careful. We have to pay more attention to our words and thoughts, as we are the creators of our reality.

Finding feathers

Finding some random feathers will be an obvious sign from our guardian angel that says that we need always to have faith.

It will be the reassurance that everything is going to be okay and that we are never alone. It will be our reminder actually to ask our angels for guidance and help.

Seeing hawks

Hawks symbolize intuition. That’s why angels tend to send this bird as the sign telling us to follow our intuition as it is entirely correct, although our perspective can be different from the one of others.

Hawks are the powerful sign which tells us that we should not ignore the things we know are right and warn us to avoid problems in the future.

Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus is a chakra, which is energy-sensitive. Our angels tend to send certain sensations to the area of the Solar Plexus in order to warn us when something is not right.

As it is placed several inches above our belly button, when angels send us signs, we can feel something like nausea, butterflies, tightening or slight discomfort in this area.

We should not ignore such feelings, but pay more attention to everything that happens when they also happen.

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