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Winter Is Almost Over. A Potent March Equinox Welcomes Spring And Brings Hope

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by Conscious Reminder

Although we cannot know for sure when spring is going to arrive, we actually do know the time when the so-called Spring Equinox will come in this year, and it is as it arrives around the identical time each year – snow or sun.

Although there are flowers which may bloom in the month of February, or while snow may be present until May, this equinox is always going to arrive at the identical time.

This means that it is not concerned with the weather as it is not connected with it. For example, in the past 20 years, snow fell on the primary spring’s day for more than seven times only in New York.

This Spring Equinox is about to arrive, and the weather will eventually get the hint, while flowers will completely bloom, without threats of snow covering them.

Another name for this equinox is Vernal Equinox, and it is going to arrive on the 20th of March, 2019, in the Northern Hemisphere.

However, it may happen anytime between the 19th of March and the 21st of March. As our planet needs 365.25 days to travel around our Sun, each of the equinoxes in March happens about six or more hours later from the one which happened the previous year.

So, while the Spring Equinox from this year happens on the 20th of March, in the following one, it will happen on the 21st of March, as the additional six hours will push it in the new date.

This Equinox is not a daylong occasion, but it simply defines the time when our sun is placed right above the equator of our planet, and this event will not happen on the same day for those people that live on the poles or in the Southern and Northern hemispheres.

The Sun was not down at the South Pole for whole six months, which means that this equinox is going to mark this moment as the sun is finally going to set and it will not appear on the sky in the next six months.

However, on the opposite, the North Pole is going to change from continuous darkness to the constant sunshine.

And about the Southern and Northern hemispheres, this equinox is going to mark the time when both of them are going to receive an identical amount of darkness and sunshine.

Equinox, in fact, is a word meaning equal night, from “equi” equal and “nox” night. On the 20th of March, this year, we may look forward to the best balanced day during this year, which is also going to happen during the Libra Full Moon.

While this Vernal Equinox will kick off the first day of the spring season from the astrological point of view, from a meteorological one, the first day of this season will be more elusive.

Coming on the 21st of March, spring is technically going to arrive, at least in the calendars. However, we cannot acknowledge it as a season until there is a temperature rise for some time.

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