Twin Flame Separation And How To Stay Centered While Processing The Pain

by Conscious Reminder

We are all grateful for our energies, our determinations to heal, our courage to always stay positive, our belief and trust in every connection, and our loyalty to our journey.

We are all thankful for four our journeys, our divine partners that are always with us, their unconditional love and energy which never change but merely gets even better.

These are several tips which will help us stay calm when we get physically separated. We may get really overwhelmed, but we have to remember to always keep calm as of our businesses, marriages, relationships, and so on. We also feel afraid of judgments from society. 

However, quietly and slowly, we are going to heal ourselves. These are the tips:

We should let ourselves feel every feeling and emotion.

We should permit ourselves to feel the immediate shock after we realize that our twin flame is not around us physically anymore. We can wail, cry, shout, scream, roll in the mud, or do whatever we can in order to help us release our emotions.

However, we should not take this out on anyone, or not even our twin. In fact, these are our own emotions, so no one else will be able to feel them instead of us. Moreover, it is quite easy always to blame our twin flame; however, it is a really bad idea. We should let our feelings eat us up, the bad, good, or ugly ones.

Regardless of how difficult it is, we have to be honest with our twin flame when we communicate.

We should pour our feelings out and realize why we feel in the way we do. One bad answer we are going to get will give us the cold shoulder; however, if he or she is our true twin flame, they are going to love us still and honor us four our honesty and authenticity.

Opening up actually means directing such feelings and emotions to the appropriate person as it is everything about us two. We should not vent to some other parties if we do not have any good reason for sharing regarding our healing.

We should not judge ourselves for our separation with the twin flame.

This is going to eat us up, without getting us positive results. Judgment is going to bring us more distance and negativity between us and our twin flame. Instead, we should look at our strengths, or how amazing we are at the process of rediscovering ourselves.

We should honor ourselves and also stay with our mood being positive as this will automatically raise our vibration. We also have to remember that physical separation will be normal, but energetically we will always be with our twin flame eternally.

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