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Looking At Cleaning & Decluttering As A Form Of Spiritual Practice

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by Conscious Reminder

We have all sometimes found broken, outdated and unnecessary things in our old rooms. We stumble upon gifts that other people gave us, and we forgot of their existence. We all have clothes which don’t fit us anymore, and their amount can be uncountable.

Well, the clutter will stay, and we should not add emotional values to it, but simply be honest with ourselves, and ask ourselves, “Do I really need this?

Am I ever going to use/wear it again? Does this mean anything to me at all?” Then, the result will be astonishing. Decluttering will help us in finding relief, healthy detachment and pure bliss from our past.

This is how decluttering will serve us as the spiritual practice:

Take action

In every spiritual practice, we should take action. No matter if it is yoga, meditation, working on personal problems, or making changes in this world, we have to go ahead and do what we need to do. Taking action will feel really good. So, when we finally declutter, we are going to feel a sense of strength and responsibility.


How will removing an object from our life make us freer? Visually, it is simply an object; however, internally, it will affect our perceptions, mood, and attitude. When we look at such an object, we can feel melancholy, attachment, and long-gone pleasure. But, with decluttering, we will feel free from everything of this.

Let go

There is nothing more spiritual or better than to let go of everything that does not serve us any purpose in life. Usually, we connect letting go with emotions or people. However, it can be associated with material objects. Letting go of physical objects means that we have enough strength to honor and keep our memories, not identifying them and connecting them with certain objects.


There are items which give us a sense of security, identity, assurance, and comfort. We believe that when we release ourselves from them, we are letting go of a fundamental part of our lives. However, we have to understand that objects are not the things that define us as individuals, and our experiences and essence do not lie in impermanent items.

Reality check

Decluttering will provide us with a reality check. In fact, we keep a lot of things, and we believe that we are going to use them one day. The truth is that we will never again use them, and our fake aspirations will really make us desire to keep all of them. Throwing them away is being sincere with ourselves, or also accepting that the object is not benefiting us anymore.


Comfort does not lie in an object’s presence, but when we remove that object from our life. When we are letting go, we usually do that of some old patterns. When we do that, we regain our own power. To grow means always to feel comfortable to make some space for other different memories.


Every one of us believes that happiness actually lies at a certain place out there. In fact, objects may prompt happiness and excitement, but just temporarily. In a short time, they will be put on the shelves or in our drawers. We have to understand that real happiness will come from within.

Helping other people

When something is in good condition yet, but it is not serving us personally, we think that it will serve other people well. Instead of throwing away everything, we can donate some of those things to homeless shelters and organizations that are going to be happy. Decluttering means reviving abandoned objects and giving them to those that need them.

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