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The Best Healing Crystals For Aries Season

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Crystals are uniquely important for the zodiac and the star signs. Each star sign has crystals associated with it which are said to have an impact on their wearer.

Since the present time is the time of Aries, the sign that heralds a fresh astrological cycle, we will be talking about Carnelian and Bloodstone, the two rocks which are associated with it.

These are not only beneficial for those who were born under the star sign of Aries. But also those who want to gain access to the energy which this sign stands for.

Here are a few properties of each:


Carnelian is a great stone for those trying to make the best use of the influence of Aries. Aries don’t let anyone walk over them and can be quite aggressive while standing up for themselves.

This lack of temper can cause them a lot of trouble, against which Carnelian is a great defence. It is naturally called the protection stone.

Carnelian is also associated with beginnings, and therefore the suitability for the sign Aries, which is all about starting something new.

The Aries energy is also one which is great for starts but the steam might run little low later on.

Carnelian will help in keeping up the motivation and ensuring that no project remains half finished. It helps in creativity and bringing the stabilising effect to the passionate Aries.


Bloodstone is in keeping up with the fire and passion associated with the first of the cardinal signs.

It is a secondary mineral and derives its name from its red-dotted appearance. It is known for enhancing immunity as well as kick-starting the metabolism for more efficiency.

Aries is associated with sacrifice and blood rituals, both in terms of festivals and history.

Bloodstone too is in continuation with the theme of sacrificing something in order to ward off evil and to protect yourself against things you would rather avoid.

Bloodstone also helps in grounding your heart chakra by bringing it in contact with the root chakra.

It enables you to have the patience to live and enjoy in the current moment as opposed to being overwhelmed with the cardinal’s power.

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