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The Powerful Archangel Ariel, The Lion Of God

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by Conscious Reminder

The angel of nature is called Archangel Ariel. Her name Ariel means “Lion of God.” Ariel is actually a patron of animals, plants, and the four elements (fire, water, wind, and earth).

She is responsible for punishing the ones that harm the creations of God. Ariel may appear in the female or male form. She can even be found under other names such as Ariael, or Arael.

What to know about Archangel Ariel?

The first appearance of Aries was in “The Testament of Solomon.” She was mentioned as an archangel that punishes demons. Also, she appeared in one Coptic text titled Pistis Sophia.

According to this text, Archangel Ariel was the one that punished the wicked. Hence, she also punishes the one from the “lower world,” which we better know as hell, usually associated with Mandaeans’ Ur. However, Asmodeus was also given this role of an angel of punishment.

Others described her as the virtues’ leader. According to Kabbalistic lore or Jewish Mysticism, she was even one of those virtues.

These virtues are angels that inspire painters, artists, poets, writers, and so on. Some other texts also believe that she is the leader of the wild animals. And Christians consider Aries, the angel of new beginnings.

Archangel Aries has a close relationship with Archangel Raphael, as he often helps her for healing. She is the healer and patron of the environment, plants, and animals.

Ariel tries always to protect and teach us how we should treat our nature in the proper way. Some other responsibilities that she had were to provide clean water, health food, clean environment and shelter for the creations of our Lord.

She is even the humans’ patron, because we are God’s creations too, and we all belong to our God.

When we need a healthy environment, food, shelter or other supplies we need in order to live a healthy and prosperous life; we can pray and ask her for help.

She is going to teach us how we can live naturally. She will also show us how we can respect our environment or everything created by God.

Archangel Ariel in magic and the occult

Archangel Ariel also appears in a lot of texts related to mysticism, the occult, and magic. Some of the examples are The Greater Key of Solomon, the Grand Grimoire, and Apocryphal Ezra.

She is usually pictured in those teachings and books with the head of a lion. So, she is also said to rule the Leo Zodiac sign.

In the mysticism of Jews, her name was a poetic one for Jerusalem.

She is quite popular in the occult teachings as well. According to such teachings, she is “The Third Archon of the Winds.” This title, saying that she controls the winds, also belongs to her in the Gnostic Lore.

According to Kabbalists, Four Angelic Princes of The Wind exist, and Aries is one of those princes, considered the Prince of The South Wind.

And, the rest of the angels are Archangel Michael, who rules the East Wind, then Archangel Raphael, who rules the West Wind, and also Archangel Gabriel, who rules the North Wind.

According to an astrologer named John Dee, Ariel is the mix of Angel Anael and Archangel Uriel.

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