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4 Everyday Phrases That Disrupt The Abundance Flow In Your Life

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Abundance does not only refer to money. When we understand it in the proper way, we will know that abundance is actually whole living in every area of life, such as relational, financial, spiritual, mental and physical.

Abundance is also said to be tapped in the FLOWmentum principles for success, which actually weighs quite heavily in our favor, particularly when downturns in real life happen.

In order to improve our life quality, we have to improve our thinking quality first. Activating the FLOWmentum principles for success includes taking a look at our language. What we say influences and amplifies the energy abundance flow we seek. Opposite of this, it may even slow this energetic flow down.

We have to be aware if we use the following phrases, particularly if we use them regularly and as a habit:

“I’ll try.”

We should ask ourselves how frequently we say this phrase about anything. For instance, when we get a party invitation, do we reply with “I will try to be there,” but we really do not have the intention to go at all?

This automated response will weigh heavily with the non-commitment energy, right? Non-Commitment energy is the one which influences everything in our lives. We have to remember that everything is energy, and energy is everything, without exceptions.

In order to be completely sure, without trying, we are also going to miss every chance for success. This power of attempting even includes doing it or being open or even ready for every result. From there, some new and better-inspired ideas will move toward our desires awaken and will become stronger when supporting the FLOWmentum.

“No problem.”

We should ask ourselves how we replay when a person expresses gratefulness for us. This reply’s energy is just like some needles poking holes slowing down our FLOWmentum.

Using “No problem” as the replacement of “You are welcome,” or much better “It was my pleasure,” will level down the energy we want, as we will bring awareness to the problems. For those of us that want a small number of problems in our lives, we should begin by eliminating the phrase “No problem” from our vocabulary.

“It’s not fair.”

In fact, this response represents the reaction to our life. That’s why we can say that it is not even a response. Continuous work and action towards what we want are going to include failures and successes, and both of these are good.

They provide us with the needed information and knowledge about what actually works or what does not work. This statement, said out loud will bring negative energy and attention to ourselves. This is even far removed from abundance and empowerment.

In one article, Josh Felber said:

“Unfairness is something you have to get used to. Success is not gifted to you-you have to work to earn it and in the midst of doing that you need to show you deserve it.”

“I should have.”

Actually, this is a statement which is full of the energies of regret. So, without diving in what the statement does to us by its energy, we want to bring the attention to those energies we feel when we read it right now and say it out loud to ourselves. We should ask ourselves what do we feel when we say it.

Using this statement in common communication and exchange, we draw energies of greater lacks to ourselves. This statement starts the flow of lack of self-acceptance, at the same time removing us from the powers which one moment possesses for us.

It does not give us the chance to realize what is possible, as our attention is not there when we speak it.

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