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What Can You Learn From Being Physically Apart From Your Twin Flame?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Sometimes, we will appreciate the fact that we are separated from our twin flame, as we really needed to move an enormous junk from our lives for us to clearly know and understand who we are.

One interesting thing is actually that after all the pain, suffering and healing we repeat this again and again, as everything related to it is some kind of spiritual, coming from our soul. 

We will face a lot of moments of suffering and weakness in ourselves that we will later understand the inner strength’s meaning.

We will appreciate ourselves for the fact that we haven’t chosen to give up in our most trying and hardest moments.

We will also be thankful as we never run away from love or situations which were quite challenging, although the easiest solution was running.

We will be thankful that we stayed and then faced our fears, grief, pain, guilt, loneliness, anger, or feelings of separation from the human collective.

We should not be afraid if we stay alone. The state of unconditional love and bliss grows in ourselves, replacing every space which was filled with loss and fear as before.

There will be times when we will become overwhelmed as a result of the intensity that the feelings and emotions we get from our twin flame have, as we entirely merged energetically, just like one unit.

We may long for a person, but now we will go somewhere quiet and feel the person’s love. Once when we are in the state of harmony, the energy of our twin flame will hang out with us, just like we were never separated physically.

A lesson that we will learn about love is that it is more than just unconditional, or it is old, and it always existed between us and our twin flame. There is no necessity of chasing it or longing for it and even missing it. Simply said, it is always part of us.

The separation will teach us always to be patient with ourselves when thinking, being sad or believing. We should not judge ourselves quickly when things simply don’t work.

It will take us separation and our twin flame to understand that both of us just have to feel prepared to claim our love.

Unfortunately, certain circumstances may sometimes not permit it; however, we have to be really patient. As we wait for our turn to occur, we should believe, keep our faith, hope, and constantly keep moving ahead on our journey.

Nothing will be easy as we can’t control the spiritual process’ pace but we can keep acknowledging our achievements, and our good work is done on our growth.

We should love our twin flame regardless of what happens; we both desire the same. We are also on the same team and our Universe in our corner.

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