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A Different Type Of Soulmate

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by Conscious Reminder

Soulmates are individuals to whom we can reveal our real selves, even when they will not be our perfect match. Soulmates play the mirror’s role. They usually reflect back every aspect of our personality which stops us from revealing our true colors.

Pop culture gave us similar visions about our soulmates. However, is it a real one or not? Here is one story about a girl that found a different kind of soulmate and then fell in love in a different kind of way. 

She says that when she was a young girl, she imagined that her soulmate is going to be the person she meets and falls in love with. She believed that they are going to spend their lives together.

She thought so as this has been what poems, novels, films, and songs said it was. She wanted and craved for that love. Even at such a young age, her heart was wide open.

She was really impatient about finding this type of love. She wasn’t afraid, but she could not realize that she was weak. She only desired to experience the unbelievable feeling and nothing else.

Love is around us.

However, she understood that the type of love she wanted was all around and inside of her. This love usually comes from the soul and the spirit. This is what she learned from her love experience. Love can be revived easily, even when sometimes it is hidden.

This may occur when we actually meet others. It can even happen when we contact animals or spend time outside in nature. She says that she understood that with the help of experiences, people become the physical love form themselves.

We desire to recognize our own selves in a person.

Another lesson she learned was that when people are searching for love, they are searching for themselves. They need someone that they could recognize their personality. She tells about her first love.

It was the love that came from her family and also the circle in which she was raised. She remembers the friends or her grandparents and parent being around them all of the time. They actually were her circle, her people. They were also strongly related to her family and between each other.

She felt appreciated and loved.

She talks about the closest friend of her mother, a woman named Connie. She tells that the woman had a slim body and dark hair, but one of the most beautiful traits she had was her contagious and vivid laugh, always coming together with a broad smile.

This woman had a free spirit, and she was regularly taking the girl from daycare with the help of her car, Volkswagen bug. After that, they giggled, played or had delicious snacks the entire afternoon.

The woman was taking pictures which she showed to the girl later. These photos were the first ones she ever saw. Although they were blanc and white, nature looked perfect on them. Then, the girl realized how strongly connected they were with one another.

A different type of love.

After some years, the girl tells that Connie decided to live in Austin and moved there. But, she stayed really close to the girl’s family and also visited them often. She also loved camping, so she was always taking the girl and her brother together with her.

Whenever she visited them, she preferred to stay outside, and she camped there rather than sleep inside the house. Also, she changed the Volkswagen Bug for one old-fashioned bus, also Volkswagen, and she gave it the name “Oscar.” She was coming by bus whenever she visited the girl’s family.

Connie loved the girl, and the girl also felt the same for Connie. She was showing her a different type of love. She showed her love which taught the girl how she should play, and which stimulated her spirit for creativity and adventure.

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