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How To Get And Become Everything You Have Ever Wanted

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Okay, let’s get straight to the point. We only have one life and we all want to live it to the fullest. No regrets, no unfulfilled dreams.

We all dream of being ridiculously happy and have everything we want and can possibly think of. And, you know what? There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting all of this. Who wouldn’t want it anyway?

BUT, often, while we are chasing deadlines and sales goals, we forget, probably, the most important thing of all – our thoughts are electric, and our emotions are magnetic.

Together they make up the electromagnetic field around us that attracts things in our lives.

In other words, we attract what we put out there. What we create with out thoughts and feelings.

The only one true key to getting everything you want is helping other people who are fighting the same battle you are, even if they are doing it in different surroundings and situations and under different circumstances.

If you are looking for love, you have to start giving love. First and foremost to your own self, and then to everything and everyone else around you.

If it is self assurance you are looking for, give someone else the support they need. You create your own reality as you live and breathe on this planet.

You start the cycle of receiving the things you want as you give them out in plenty.

The Universe and the Force (pardon the Star Wars reference, but the force IS definitely out there), together conspire for you to be happy.

Sometimes, it may look like nothing is working in your favor, but trust me, it’s for your greatest good. I don’t think you would mind a bit of rough waters if you end up sailing calm and wast seas.

Everything wants to see you emerge a winner, but you start attracting these victories when you give back. You begin this process.

It does not simply end with you receiving things. Take a moment and give a thought to the change you will bring about in the world, filling it with love and positivity and creating a space that is truly pure and wholesome.

Sometimes things might go wrong but you have to remember that the Lord always has a design, a plan. You just need to get it moving by creating an atmosphere of giving.

It’s like the ocean – everything we have thrown into its waters, the waves get out on on the shores. 

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