Understanding The Power Of Water As One Of The Feng Shui’s Five Element

by Conscious Reminder

Water belongs among the five elements of Feng Shui. When organizing and decorating spaces according to the principles of Feng Shit, it is a key move to incorporate this element appropriately and put it in the right places, in order to promote chi’s optimal flow.

The attributes of water

In most cases water is carrier of the yin energy, even though it may possess some yang traits at moments.

In fact, this means that it is receptive and feminine, even though when it flows aggressively like potent ocean waves or rivers, it may have additional attributes related to yang, such as aggression and masculinity.

The water flows easily and smoothly, working its own way gently across obstacles without even surrendering its own nature as well.

Destructive cycle

Actually, in this particular cycle, the earth weakens the water, while the water weakens fire.

In fact, this means that if we have more of the water element in a particular space or its energy is stronger than before, we may weaken it with the addition of several earth elements.

Also, when there is higher fire energy found in one particular location, we can lessen the effects with the addition of the water element.

Constructive cycle

In this particular cycle, the metal nurtures the water, while the water nurtures the wood. This, in fact, means that in areas in which water energy is present, and we want to support it, we can do that if we add metal elements to it, just like we can utilize water elements in wood places actually to nurture the element of wood.


The colors of the water are aquas and blue. The water which is high with the yang quality will be black in color. When we use these particular colors in our decorating schemes, they are going to bring this vital element everywhere we use it.


Some of the most evident materials to actually add the element of water to some space are the items which contain water themselves. They can be fish tanks, fountains, or water features.

Mirrors and glass may also represent this element as other arts which depict water. Sea creatures, fish, jugs, or other water bodies will also represent this element in different spaces. As water is primarily the yin energy, art, and objects which have curved lines may display such energy.

Some other attributes which the element of water possesses are:

∼Wealth and luck are the two things it represents in the principles of Feng Shui;
∼Water is connected with Mercury, and also with the Moon;
∼The black turtle is the element of Feng Shut connected with water.

Careful water placement

According to Feng Shui, specific placements of the water element are said to be inauspicious:

If you decide to use the water element, place a water piece in front of the door, but make sure it’s facing your home. That’s how you will turn the flow of abundance to come in.  If you face the water feature away, it will represent wealth and money flowing away from your house.

We should never place some water fountains and water images in our bedroom as it actually cools fire and can douse material possessions.

If your bathroom is actually in the water sector of our home, the best thing would be not to add any extra water features as the bathroom will already be highly influenced by the water energy with a shower, toilet, and sink in its vicinity.

Auspicious Chi

Placing features that represent the water element in our room, home or space in the proper way, may create the so-called auspicious chi which supports career success, prosperity and luck.

With the use of decorative elements right when they should be used, we can harness energies of this significant element, in order to optimize chi’s flow. 

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