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Hypnotizing Sufi Whirling Dance

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Sufi whirling is one of the oldest meditative techniques, and one of the most powerful too.

It is so deep that, even experiencing it once, can completely change your life.

The whirling is done with open eyes, like little children do, so that your inner essence becomes the center, and your body becomes a wheel. You are in the center, and your whole body is moving.

It is recommended that you do not eat or drink three hours before you start turning. It’s best to be barefoot and in loose clothes.

Meditation is divided into two phases: turning and resting.

There is no fixed time of how long you should be turning – you can be whirling for hours, but it’s said that you need to be doing it for at least an hour in order to feel the benefits of the energy.

Sufi whiling practitioners turn counter clockwise with the right hand raised up in the air and bent at the elbow, and the left hand hanging down.

People who feel uncomfortable turning in the opposite direction, can rotate clockwise. Let your body relax and keep your eyes open, but not focused, so that the image can become blurry.

The turning is done in complete silence, without saying a word. In the first fifteen minutes, it is necessary to turn slowly, then, you should gradually increase the speed in the next thirty minutes, until an energy vortex is created – the periphery is a storm of movement, and the witness in the center is static.

When you start turning so fast that you can not stay upright, your body will fall down on the ground by itself.

Do not let this fall become a result of your conscious decision, and don’t try to do it more harmlessly: if your body is relaxed, the fall will be easy and soft and the ground will absorb your weight and energy.

Once you fall down, the second phase of the meditation begins. Immediately roll over on your stomach with your bare navel touching the ground.

If a person feels severe discomfort staying in this position, they can lie on their back.

Feel how your body connects to the ground, as when a little child falls on their mother’s chest. Keep your eyes closed and remain passive and quiet for at least fifteen minutes.

After the meditation, be quiet and inactive as much as possible. Some people have nausea during meditation, but this feeling will disappear within two to three days.

If the feeling of nausea is persistent, stop practicing this type of meditation.

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