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Can Twin Flames Have A Stable Relationship?

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by Conscious Reminder

Our twin flames are the separated incarnation of us, and the identical soul incarnated two times during only one period. Our higher selves work in quite mysterious ways, also projecting their own personalities everywhere they like, even simultaneously.

When we finally get to see and meet our twin flames, that meeting may be quite hard for us. We will be speechless. The relationship with our twin flames does not need to be romantic, as twin flames can also be sisters, sons and fathers, daughters and mothers, and also friends. But, today we are going to focus more on romantic relationships between twin flames.

Twin flames will make excellent relationships, but…

We recognize one another, and we feel familiar right from the beginning.

We feel at home when we are with our twin flame, and we can relax and feel amazing. It is fantastic when you have the ability to be our unique selves around someone. But, if our authentic selves need healing, there may be fireworks. During the inner work process, and balancing of our own self, we are healing traumas, and reducing negative energies that we experience daily. If we don’t perform the process, then permitting our authentic selves to shine through may reveal certain negative emotions like anger, suspicion, jealousy, anxiety or more.

The connection between us is quite strong.

The connection between us is strong and deep. Our love is also intense, while our feelings always bubble up. There are emotions everywhere. But, there can also be insecurities which will arise as a result of being afraid to lose the twin flames that we really love. Such feelings may provide subconscious minds with fear of being hurt and ending with a broken heart. We may also become jealous, unreasonably sensitive, or jealous.

We learn significant lessons from one another.

One of the reasons why we incarnated together would be that this exhilarating and important relationship is going to teach us a lot of lessons. But, it can also be painful for us to realize some things about ourselves like our reactions in certain situations charged with emotions, and how we also feel. However, the relationship may help us better understand what aspects of the self need to be healed.

Maybe we are here because of a mission we should accomplish together.

Maybe the two of us incarnated together in this world, as we have both have chosen the lightworker mission, the one we would accomplish together. But, it is also worth to remember that, although we are the incarnation of one same soul, we don’t have one same personality. Our needs and wants differ. Being accommodating and accepting of the preferences and ideas of one another is useful right here.

We balance one another out.

Particularly as our personalities differ, we may balance out the personality traits which seem unhelpful or extreme. One of us can be adventurous, while the other can be cautious. One can be spontaneous, while the other will be a planner. But, we should watch for certain disagreements too. It is needed to understand that we are different, and that will bring us more clarity and happiness to life.

We can become psychic together.

When spending most of our time with a person, we may develop a strong psychic connection. This experience will usually be magnified with the twin flames. Ideas come up on our minds simultaneously, and we finish the sentences of one another or experience the emotions of each other. But, when there are also resentments which build up within our relationship, we cannot hide them easily. Honesty and communication will be fundamental for resolving the problems in our relationship.

We feel like we are “one” with our twin flames.

In fact, twin flames may become really close, and it will be difficult to actually tell where the one will end and the other will start. We are working as some team, and moving like a unit. But, when our twin flame needs to travel somewhere for work, for example, we will feel lost not having him or her around. It would be useful to work on being self-sufficient on an emotional level or not become too much co-dependent. This can be achieved with the help of inner work.

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