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You And Every Part Of Yours Are Equally Important Parts Of The Divine

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Every human being, every animal, every rock is an equal part of the force of creation. We are each worth the whole of this energy.

We are the pieces of one big puzzle; we are the cogs in the machine that keep it working.

Denying this would be like the brain is saying it is superior to all the cells that it is made of.

It is better to be grateful to those little cells for making up the brain and helping it become all that it is than saying they

Our life experiences as a whole is an experience of divinity.

Whatever we have been through is part of the same limitless consciousness that is playing games within itself, with itself.

Remember that you are perfect. You may have been through a lot which makes you feel broken and damaged.

But you are perfect, and nothing and no one can change that.

With the acceptance of this knowledge, your eyes will be opened to the lessons that creation has been trying to teach you.

The necessary bit of information is that this world is not to be seen in binaries. There’s nothing that is entirely right, and there’s nothing completely wrong.

They are subjective and what is right for one person but might be completely wrong for the other.

These choices are also subject to time and place, so they are almost infinite.

At any moment in time, we can look back in our past, at the pieces of our own selves that we have cast aside.

We can observe the way each piece of the self interacts with the other and use this knowledge in the future.

We even get to decide how much sway our feelings have over us.

We can drown in them or watch them flow past in a detached manner or anything in between.

These emotions can lead us to complete unity with the entire universe.

Once we accept our place in the whole, we are blessed with the actual knowledge of our selves.

We can learn about all that motivates us and makes us happy. We can use our talents to the utmost to make this life even more special than it already is.

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