Do You Often Come Across White Owls? This Is What It Means

by Conscious Reminder

For every one of us, the symbolism of nature is really important. So, when a particular animal, which has rich symbolism, and crosses our path, just like the white owl, we should pay better attention.

In fact, there are a few possibilities for the white owl’s meaning, especially for when it crosses our path.

Here are some of the basic meanings for us:

The omen of death

A lot of cultures in the world see the white owl’s appearance as the omen of death. This bird has this specific meaning as white animals usually find their associations with spirit guides or ancestral spirits.

This is particularly true if the white owl crosses our path while we return from or go to the doctor, or visit someone sick. But, in most of the examples, this isn’t the case – simply said, we should only look at it as a small warning.

The bringer of changes

Generally said, birds usually symbolize transition and change. For example, we should think about the transition between seasons, and the number of birds that migrate simultaneously.

Our forefathers used birds’ patterns in order to know when is the appropriate period to sow, plough, and then harvest their fields.

This owl is actually more specific. In fact, when it is the symbol of transition and change, it often has to do with our mind’s frame. But, we have to pay more attention to everything that happens to this owl right when it crosses our path.

For example, landing swiftly on the branch or catching its prey, usually signifies positive changes. However, if it usually messes up the landing, or even misses the pray, it may be the sign of some negative changes for which we should prepare.

The omen of fertility

A lot of cultures which include Celtic tribes and Ancient Greeks described this own as the omen of fertility. When a woman that is pregnant hears the hoot of an owl and reaches full term, she will have a very easy labor.

Moreover, the visit from this white owl can also be the sign that she has to prepare better for a hard birth.

The warning of deception

The white owl has long been believed not to be able to be deceived. Because of that, a lot of us actually believe that when the white own crosses our path, it will be the warning of lies and deception being aimed only at us. In such cases, we have to be additionally vigilant of such people that lie to us for personal gain.

The bringer of wisdom

When the white owl crosses our path, it may mean that it lends us some of the traditional wisdom it owns.

The Ancient Greek people associated the bird with Athena, the wisest goddess of all of the gods in Greece.  This lead of the owl is actually revered by the people that value wisdom above everything else.

The feathers of the white owl in Rome were utilized to gain some insight into the thoughts of other people, particularly while they were asleep.

Moreover, they were worn by senators in order to show their wisdom, which was a fundamental part of the Roman culture.

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