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Tapping Into Your Psychic Abilities

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We all have latent psychic capacities as benefits of being human souls. But, most of that latent power usually goes to waste as we do not know how we can harness it.

When we get in touch with our psychic abilities, there can appear a lot of different opportunities for us. Maybe we will not know where we should start.

In such cases, here we have several things which we may do today in order to help ourselves get in contact with our latent psychic capacities:

Practicing meditation on a daily basis

We cannot stress the potential of meditation enough. Meditation is the first way in which we may reach the energies which power our psychic abilities. In fact, for a lot of people, this includes peaceful contemplation, mantras, and mindfulness.

But, there are a lot of people that prefer to practice meditation outside into nature. Walking through the forest or around the lake may be meditative just like sitting in our sacred space in our home.

Practicing psychometry

Psychometry was defined as the capacity to sense everything about someone or something by simply holding an object related to the person or the event.

Doing this would be one of the several natural psychic capacities to practice as beginners as it simply requires us to have the ability to verify the predictions we make.

We can even do this in the comfort of our home, with a friend helping us. We can also go to a specific antique fair, in order to practice on some objects there. Introducing variety is going to help us accelerate our progression rate.

Practicing detecting auras

Actually, one fundamental skill that all budding psychics should possess in their toolkits is the capacity to detect auras. Fortunately, the way of practicing this is quite simple. We will have to get a member of our family or a friend who will stand right before a light-colored, plain wall.

We should stand roughly eight to ten feet away, trying to concentrate our eyes on the person’s third eye, placed on his or her forehead and above the brow, between his or her eyes. We will try actually to look through him or her essentially.

While we do that, a small color line is going to appear around his or her head, slowly becoming the focus. That will be his or her aura, well, just a tiny part of the aura.

Polishing our clairaudience skills

Sometimes, clairaudience is described as the “psychic hearing.” It is also a core clair-skill which every psychic need to feel comfortable practicing. Developing our clairaudience will be best done at the time of quiet moment where we are going to stare at our phone.

We should try tuning our every obvious sound and concentrate our attention on the noise from the background which we usually are going to ignore.

We should pick our particular sounds, and then we should try to recognize them. Eventually, we will have the ability to hear something coming right before it even made its sound.

We should remember to take a rest

Finally, we have to ensure to give ourselves the needed rest. Using and developing our psychic capacities may be exhausting at times, and when we are inexperienced, we may even accumulate some negative energies right in our aura.

Together with regular meditation for healing, we should also make sure that we aren’t overusing our psychic abilities. This may actually get to a point where our energies will run out. Moreover, it is also going to slow our progress.

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