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5 Ways To Keep Up With The Slow & Steady Taurus Season

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The Sun has already entered the steady sign of Taurus. So, for the following four weeks, starting April 20th, the steady and grounded Bull is going to take charge, and help us prioritize, all this with great pleasure.

However, we should not think that a slower pace is the same as passivity. When we see a specific goal which is worth pursuing, we should be as the Bull and charge.

In fact, as the aggressive time of Aries is coming to an end, the season of Taurus will turn our attention towards building new things. Taurus will help up in rolling our sleeves up and craft the sustainable plan. This sign will also encourage us actually to break the work into smaller and simple steps, and then take everyday action.

On every 30 days or so, our Sun is visiting a new sign of the Zodiac. During this particular “season” we will all feel the prevailing astrological energies, regardless of what our Sun sign is.

These are the five ways in which we can embrace the Bull’s pace from today, until the 20th of May:

Slow our roll.

Although we should slow our roll, we should know when we have to charge like the Bull. The energy of Taurus is grounding, and it cultivates the sense of contentment and ease.

During the season of Taurus, we shouldn’t rush and economize on any plan’s practicalities. With the sensible sign of Taurus at the center, we have to consider details carefully and ensure an elegant and high-quality outcome.

Taurus is patiently going to assess if something is actually worth the time they spend investing and the resources. We should take our lives at a much slower, but more productive and beneficial pace during the following four weeks, and also make some time to feel pleasure from little but significant things.

Explore our emotional side.

The sensual planet Venus is the ruler of the sign of Taurus, and it expresses its yin qualities through this particular earthy sign of the Zodiac, by heightening the receptivity of people.

We should ask ourselves the following: “What do I need in order to feel happy, fulfilled and loved? How can I be more open to receiving, especially physical pleasure?” We should explore our sensual sides.

Treat ourselves mindfully.

The tasteful sign of Taurus loves the more beautiful things in life but also frowns on waste and flashiness. Even though the season of Taurus is shifting our focus to budgeting and security, it can also tempt us to spend resources and money recklessly.

We should enjoy the pleasures in life, but we should do that mindfully, or even with a reasonable and practical purpose on mind. 

Speak our truth.

During the solar cycle, the sign of Taurus is ruling our neck, so that the throat chakras might use some tune-up. We should try yoga poses in order to open ours or also a meditation which will help us speak our truth. We should pay more attention to our thyroid health, and get it checked if our energy is chronically low.

Stick to our guns, but never forget about compromise.

The line between stubbornness and loyalty is a fine one, and it is a line which gets quite easily trampled at this season of Taurus.

In fact, the shadow side of the rooted energy of Taurus can actually keep every one of us stuck in the zones of comfort and habits. We should monitor our resistance. We should also release any attachment to a specific outcome during this Taurus season.

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