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Mercury Is In The Fiery Aries: Good Business & Money Aspects

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For some time, the planet Mercury was in the sign of Pisces, and honestly, a lot of people are bored with this by now.

But, we should get ready for the things to change, as the planet Mercury will enter the sign of Aries, which will definitely be an energetic shift, especially for the people who need to be pushed forward.

For some people, the last several months were emotionally overwhelming. They even pushed them towards the brink because our Universe was forcing several considerable changes into their lives.

As Aries, which is the sign that faces things and regularly takes action heads on, we will feel motivated, and channel our inner boss.

Also, those that are fire signs will definitely be turned in this particular energy.

However, we should all get ready for some unexpected events and feelings of “Where am I?” or even “Where is the time going?”

The nature of the event would be fast-paced, and it could be hard for Cancer, Capricorn and Libra; however, we are all going to feel it.

Pisces, which is a really emotional sign, slowed the things down, while every person was more in his or her hearts, minds and emotions. Now, with the opposing energy, we could feel like we are on a roller coaster.

However, if we stop for a moment, our tune into the change, we will enjoy every benefit that the planet Mercury in the sign of Pisces provides.

In fact, a lot of people will feel more social, or will put themselves outside more, or will even be able to make better communication.

Moreover, with the added levels of energy, the combination of energies is going to help us achieve our dreams with school or work.

One specific thing we should pay attention to is how the planet Mercury in the sign of Aries can make us speak impulsively, or forget about using our filters.

This could entirely undo anything that we accomplished under the appropriate circumstances.

So, when we feel like we have to speak our mind, and that feeling comes to us with an intense and fiery passion, we should wait a minute and practice meditation on how such things are going to affect us.

After that, we should move forward. We should also pay attention to our goals about our schooling, love, or career, and face our challenges, in order to become our own Universe’s master.

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