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Steady Taurus New Moon Rising May 4th: Do You Know Where You Are Headed?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

One of the slower moving months in the calendar, May will make you look at things by going beyond the surface, and see where we are going with our life.

And that will be much more amplified with the presence of the New Moon in Taurus on 4th May.

As the New Moon embraces us with its darkness, it will allow us to see where we stand right now, and if there are avenues for growth, and more love, and support.

This New Moon is also beneficial to people who are looking to try something new with their body- maybe try a new exercise regimen or a new diet plan. In fact, this New Moon would be perfect for that.

We all want peace in our life, and even if the New Moon doesn’t evoke in us such emotions, there is nothing wrong with being kind, peaceful, while also taking care of our body, mind, and soul, is there?

Balance is one of the main themes of this New Moon, as it is with the rest of the year. To maintain balance in your life, make sure to actually enjoy your life, to the same amount as you work to ensure that you enjoy. Don’t create an imbalance, for that is going to disrupt everything.

Why though? Why can’t we simply play, or simply work? It is because working would ensure that we have a strong core, discipline, and a rigorous routine to which we adhere. Maintaining a balance in this scenario is especially important, for if a car is constantly moving, it will run out of fuel very fast.

It needs to rest, and that is where play comes into play (no pun intended). You need to play so that you derive the energy to work. For, as they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

One of the other things that this New Moon is going to do is make us sure of our worth. You want to better your life, no problem at all. You want to improve, grow as a human being, even better.

But don’t ever think that you are not good enough for which you need to improve. You are good just the way you are. No point in comparing between someone you may know, or someone you may replicate.

Their life and yours isn’t the same, so anything that you do won’t ever be remotely similar to what they do. You make your own choices, and the best thing you can do with them is to make sure that you are proud of your choices. They can be wrong, but you decided them.

Do healthy, good things, with the energy of the New Moon accompanying you. But do so more, because they are important, and make sense to you.

And lastly, let’s focus on something. Who are you as a human? What does your life lead to? Would you ever know if someone else would be doing the same thing as you? No. For, your life is your own.

You have your own journey, and just because someone is making more money than you are, or seem happier than you doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong with your life. It just means that they live a different life.

In this New Moon, if you want to better things for you, do so focusing only on the right things, but not because you want to get rid of the uglier things in life. That would be impossible, and a bit selfish.

Delve into the smaller things in life. Find happiness in the first rain of the year, a cake you baked, a cloud which looks like a sheep. Don’t go running after grand moments because they would seem overwhelming, and if you are unable to attain them, would depress you.

Search for meaning and happiness in the smaller things on earth, because life is made of small things, that combine to form something new.

Search for positivity in your life, and trust us when we say, positives can be found in the smallest of things.

If you want to start something new, this New Moon would be the best time for you. Start small, but start joyously.

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