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You Can Use The Power Of Sound To Heal Yourself

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by Conscious Reminder

Although attending organized sound baths or sessions for energy healing is the dream of many people, there are other fun and interesting ways in which we can harness the sound’s transformative power from our own home.

These are some of the favorites among people:

Create our own music.

In fact, incorporating song and humming during meditation may help us realign the chakras or the energy centers of our bodies, by sending some soothing vibrations throughout our body. In order to try the process, we should sit comfortably, having our legs crossed, and close our eyes so that we can focus better on all those energies we are feeding ourselves. We should try chanting in a profound and monotone voice which we can actually feel reverberating through our whole body.

We need to have the ability to feel the sounds’ vibrations physically, as they move throughout our body.

Every chakra in our body has its authentic frequency; hence, it calls for unique chants. We can experiment with these particular sounds while we meditate for every chakra’s targeted healing.

“OO” sound, pronounced oo, like in food – connected to our Sacral and Root Chakras;

“OH” sound, pronounced oa, like in coat – connected to our Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras;

“AH” sound, pronounced like a, in father – connected to our Heart Chakra;

“EH” sound, pronounced e, like in bed – connected to our Throat Chakra;

“EE” sound, pronounced I, like in machine – connected to our Crown and Third Eye Chakras;

“ZZZ” sound, like a sound produced by a bee, and “MM” sound, pronounced m, like in mom – connected to our Crown and Third Eye Chakras.

Throwing on a background jam.

Music’s therapeutic properties were connected to happiness and relaxation for a long time. Depending on the frequency, songs may calm people down, or help them feel quite more upbeat.

We have all been down in a funk when our favorite song was played on the TV or radio. Staying gloomy is almost impossible. Music will affect us physically and emotionally.

That’s why when we go to concerts or festivals we can feel our energy enhancing with the music’s beat, and the vibrations coming from the people around us, and the clapping, singing or dancing.

There are some sounds which are associated with every chakra in our body, which we already mentioned. However, there are even instruments associated with each of them. Here they are:

Drums, just like the ones in the music of East India, considered the soul’s voice – Root and Base Chakras;

Woodwind instruments which call our souls to mothering and soulful energies – Soul and Seat Chakras;

The pipe organ which affects our soul’s desires and helps people listen to their inner voices –Solar Plexus Chakra;

A harp can actually personify the connection of our heart to our Universe – Heart Chakra;

Brass instruments, which represent the attunement we have with our Universe, and also our word choices and expression needs – Throat Chakra;

The piano personifies the vision we have and the connection we established with spirituality – Third Eye Chakra;

String instruments which represent enlightenment or even help with some intuitive talks and listening with our soul – Crown Chakra.

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