How To Activate Your Mala Beads

by Conscious Reminder

The so-called Mala Beads are the special beads which are frequently used during meditation or some other different spiritual practices.

In fact, activating our Mala Beads would be an important process which we have to do right before we start using our mala.

This activation would be really important as we and the energy and vibrations of our mala may be different.

In order to make sure that our mala has an identical intention as we have, and that it is actually connected with our energy, we need to do one ritual.

Activating the Mala Beads would be quite comfortable with the following short and intention setting ritual or session.

Activating our Mala Beads

In fact, there are several simple steps which we can follow if we want to establish a connection between our mala and our energy.

First of all, we need to wash our mala. We are allowed to utilize any type of clean water. In order to experience better results, we can utilize flowers or cleansing crystals in that water, in order to help this process of cleansing. When our mala is dry and clean, we can begin the ceremony.

First, we should choose some quiet place, where no one could disturb us. Then, we should sit comfortably; we can use some pillows for better comfort.

We can also light up candles or incense for an even more relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. We can choose a mantra or relaxing music before we start the process of cleansing. We can also set our intention right before we start the ritual.

Then, it would be time to stay calm and relax. We should close our eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. When our mind is quiet and clean, it would be time to tell our intention to our mala.

By repeating our mantra or intention out loud or in our mind, we should move the mala beads through our fingers. This ceremony should continue unless we have moved each bead through our fingers.

When no bead is left, we may stay for several minutes longer in this calm and relaxing state, only to make sure that we sealed our energetic link between ourselves and our mala.

With each new mala which we get or buy, we should repeat the ceremony. This is probably the easiest ceremony used for activating our Mala Beads.

After we finish the ceremony, we can make sure that our meditation sessions are going to be better and more successful, as a result of our mala.

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