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Venus Transit Taurus May 15 – June 8th: Expect Stability & Comfort In Your Love Life

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by Conscious Reminder

The Planet of Love, Venus is the ruler of both Libra and Taurus. It loves to have a pleasure of its own and it controls the love life in our physical world. So, now the cosmos is trying to bring you together with the One.

Since love is a mystery, we should start to respect the messages of Venus – she gives some clues. Taurus and Venus also focus on money as well as food and scenery – a perfect date for lovers.

When Venus Enters Taurus

Everything beautiful will come to you when this alignment with Venus and Taurus takes place on 15th May till 8th June. It brings simplicity in our lives and gives you the energy to start building upon relationships.

Sometimes this building up can be from scratch or you might need to work in areas where there are gaps to be addressed. Financial and romantic issues will require your direct interaction during this time.

Dating during the Taurus season is great – it’s slow and sensuous. You may want to catch a movie date or cuddle with your sweetheart during this period. The Taurus season brings about a slow dance in your deep romance.

Flings are not the thing during this alignment. Random passion will not help your relationship. This time, you have to go for commitment – be bonded for the long term. That’s how Taurus likes it.

However, Taurus does have a problem too – it likes to be stubborn. Being stubborn in a relationship is terrible. It kills the relationship. You have to be flexible and open to different suggestions from your partner. Same goes for your partner too.

Plus, there is always a significant amount of compromise that you need to do from your side. Taurus does not want this change to happen – but you should act according to your free will and make things work in your favor. Flexibility will help the relationship grow.

If Venus Was in Taurus When You Were Born

People who were born when Venus was in Taurus are inclined towards material items. They want security and comfort and both of these can be found when you invest money properly.

However, these people can get a bit hedonistic too, but if you want, you can also get a good companion for you because of these traits. Everyone loves a good date and there’s no shame in spending a bit more for it.

As for love, people born during Venus in Taurus period tends to go for physical attractiveness and loves the closeness. They are not one of those people who would love to surprise their lovers and do some showy gestures to express their love.

They are mostly low-key and yet, they make it a point to stay loyal and dedicated to their partners. Since you are stoic most of the time, many people may find you aloof.

Sometimes, your partner might think that your love is slowly declining, but you don’t allow it to happen that way. Your actions show that you are a wonderful lover and would remain so.

You also turn out to be a person with a routine. Taurus likes to keep it steady and is more inclined to traditions – hence, you do not like changes. If you have a fixed routine, you would like to stick to it.

However, flexibility is sometimes necessary, being disciplined is utmost if you are looking for success. You know it and hence you are going for the routine life.

Traits Of People Born When Venus Is In Taurus

  • Generous
  • Indulgent
  • Patient
  • Dependable
  • Romantic
  • Affectionate
  • Devoted
  • Committed
  • Stable

Let’s hope that this alignment of Venus entering Taurus will have major positive energy in your life.

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