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4 Ideal Crystals To Get You Grounded This Taurus Season

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

On April 20th, we had said our farewell to the Aries season as we entered the season of Groundedness and security – Taurus.

Taurus keeps us stubborn in our principles and makes us see our goals and intentions clearly.

It is an earth sign and is full of the earthy energy that cements the ground to walk on. While we may have goals, it is necessary for us to be able to walk on the provided path to get to our goals.

Hence, the Taurus season is important for us – it brings us the courage and resolves to move to our goals with strong determination.

However, we need some crystals that will assist us get one with this Taurean energy. These are some of the crystals ideal for the Taurus season:


The green stone is filled with the amazing energy of the plants and the flowers and it also has galactic markings on the surface known as eyes. Hence, it is both of this world and has an otherworldly flavor to it. Not only will it ground you but it will also rebound electronic rays which can harm you in the long run.

Method: Since it brings wealth, abundance and vitality, it can be used as a Feng Shui wood. You can keep malachite in some place and watch it help you out of difficult situations.


Taurus season is about winning but it is also about staying steady as you move towards your goals – especially by building strong foundations towards it. Alexander the Great used this great stone to request its healing power as he set out to conquer the world.

Method: Since this crystal is all about achieving your set goals, you can use chrysoprase palm stones, keep it on both hands and then, meditate. This will also help to relieve any kind of emotional pain that you might be going through during this period.

Petrified Wood

It is a stone that gets formed when quartz grows on wood. It is a transformational stone and it uses the power of the Earth, bringing it upon you and then, making you transform using that energy.

Method: Petrified wood is actually a wise and old tree which was once living and well. It is because of this quality that the wood can be very useful to help you ground yourself. If you live in a city or in an urban place, you already know that stress that the citylife brings. Once you feel lost or that you are losing your groundedness, take hold of the petrified wood, focus your energy on it and you will gain your footing back.


Howlite will cool you down, bring down your anxiety and make you more open-minded. Howlite is a stone that is meant to bring the positive energy of the universe upon you. You will become more aware of all your emotions and you will use the positive energy to bring down any kind of stress that you are going through.

Method: Howlite is about self-love. To get the benefit of Howlite, it is best if you conduct a kind of ritual. All you have to do is keep the howlite in your palm and then say aloud: I am in tune with the infinite and pure energy. Now, concentrate on the small mantra and repeat it. Become whole again.

Use these crystals wisely and become one with the energy of Taurus season. Best of luck.

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