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These 4 Crystals Will Assist With Your Inner Healing During Pluto Retrograde

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by Conscious Reminder

Pluto – the dwarf planet in astronomy is not something that should be taken lightly in astrology. It is a planet which is related to Karma and also the birth and rebirth cycles.

Pluto is sometimes dark but it remains one of the most intense planets. On 24th April, this planet went retrograde and will stay so till 3rd October. Pluto is all about reflecting on ourselves and our past lives.

The thing about Pluto is that it has a tendency to bring up shadows which we have to deal with. Do you think that your entire life is going out of control? If so, then you need to have some crystals in your hands.

Pluto brings up the subconscious side and it might also communicate with you through different coincidences. Clear your mind and get in touch with your deeper self. It will not be easy and that’s why these crystals are there for you to help:


Since Pluto brings out our inner shadows, we must fight off our bad habits. Here is where Hematite comes to play. The stone works to remove any patterns that lead to the reinforcement of bad habits. The stone is an absorbent which takes away negative energy and anxiety. Plus, it can help you ground yourself.

Method: Before using Hematite, do some work to ground yourself. Stand straight on your feet, take deep breaths while keeping the stone in your hand. If you really want the earthy energy go outdoors and stand barefoot on the grass. Feel the detoxifying energy flowing through you.


Power is one of the chief focus of Pluto. So, you need to get hold of your power and to do so, you have to call on your inner strength. This sunshine-colored stone is all about bringing confidence to you and aligning yourself with your inner power. The Citrine stone is about lighting up your shadow self with the power of sunshine. It is a light to the darkness.

Method: You have a develop a citrine spritz during this retrograde. All you have to do is place the stone in distilled water or clean spring water and then let it charge for a whole day. Now, put this water in a spritz bottle and spritz it around your aura when you feel down.


This is star stuff as it was found after a meteor collided with earth. This has many hidden information about the universe and is the best thing which Pluto uses so as to communicate with us from the distance. After all, it is the farthest planet of the solar system from the sun.

Method: Experimenting with Moldavite is a necessity. If you hold the stone for the first time, you will feel a bit of heat which will be there in your hand at first and then will move through your body. With its movement, it brings profound depth inside your body and will bring about a spiritual enlightenment within you. Get ready.


This is the best stone to keep during the Pluto retrograde. It has a reflective surface which helps you to see your own self on it. The dark colors represent the negative side of all of us. It is a great thing to use when you are going through a bout of depression or feeling low.

Method: You can use this stone for scrying because of the reflectiveness of the surface. Dim down the lights and allow your eyes to adjust with the darkness. Now think of any situation or thought and identify them. As you do so, keep your eyes fixed on the obsidian. Now check if there is any image showing on the surface and connect it with your situation.

The Pluto retrograde will be difficult but with the help of these crystals, you can pass it easily.

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