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Full Flower Moon On May 18th: Let Go Of Your Fears & Embrace The Change

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by Conscious Reminder

On 18th May, the Full Flower Moon arrives in Scorpio. Now, how did it get ‘flower’ in its name? Well, because flowers are in abundance right about now. Think about it – the month of May brings about an abundance of cherry blossoms.

Flowers are blooming everywhere and the world is beautiful. The Moon is also called the Milk Moon, the Hare Moon, and the Corn Planting Moon. The Earth is at its most fertile stage at the current moment and now, it is time to plant your dreams and ambition into it.

Don’t let the magical energy of the earth just waltz away during this period. Go out in the garden and plant a baby sapling. Let the fertility of the soil nourish it and the full moon honor its beginning.

If you can, you should also honor this full moon by bringing flowers to your house and decorating your surroundings. You can also charge your own aura with flower headbands.

The full moon energy is really powerful and you should try to channelize it through you. The focus of the Scorpio Full Moon is the person you see in the mirror – YOU.

Empower yourself with the energy of the full moon – let it flow through you, unhindered. You might have to sacrifice a bit during this time, but that is fine – you will go through a major transformation due to the full moon’s energy. Just engage yourself and understand your surroundings.

If you are a sensitive female, then this moon will turn you into a femme fatale. For males, a touch of the full moon energy will make them the flirtatious Don Juan.

The lustful side of both sexes will be high but you should not be merciless to each other, trying to create a power relationship by bedding each other anyhow. Try to tap into the artist side of you.

You are full of mysteries and hidden answers. While the full moon does not bring that out, it will send you messages that hint on what there is within you. You must make sacrifices, face your darker self and experience the sacrifice.

It’s going to be hard but it will be worth it. The moonlight will be shining on you during this time to help you proceed in your path.

You will be able to differentiate between positive energy and toxic energy. While we tend to enmesh ourselves with toxic energy, now, is the time to get rid of it once we identify them. It’s the path to become healthy.

The light of the full moon also powers up your psychic side. Cleanse yourself and purge out any excess that you are facing. Be creative even when you are faced with tough times.

Be confident and remember – confidence only comes when you don’t fear anything – inside or outside. If you feel tired or at an energy loss, don’t refrain from seeking solace in yoga and meditation. You can even dance a bit to loosen yourself up.

It’s ok if you want to indulge in materialistic endeavors. Generally, people are shamed for materialistic thoughts. They forget that even this small happiness can be great for our souls. It needs its fair share of fun too.

However, you have to be wise when you engage in this fun. Know what your desires and values are. If you feel that you need to change some of it, then don’t shy away. Let them go. You won’t be at a loss. Even with the really bare necessities, you have the ability to be pleased.

So, now, is the time to set your boundaries. Be confident and believe in yourself. Also, don’t lie to yourself. As you transcend, you will know that you have many unfinished businesses in the past.

Take care of them if you can. Be grateful and let the Flower Moon help you grow. You can also perform some rituals while you are at it.

Let the full moon power engulf you and change you from within and without. Best of luck.

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