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These 5 Meditations Will Help You Harvest The Energies Of The Powerful Full Moon In Scorpio

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by Conscious Reminder

Before we can all move into the season of the Gemini, the Full Moon of Scorpio shall rise on 18th May. This will certainly give us a lot of things to ponder about, to say the very least.

Till now, there has been little incentive to look inwards in spite of pushing ourselves to greater heights. Taurus season inspired us to do exactly that. However, the Scorpio effect will bring about a change in all of that. So, it is ideal to learn some meditations to truly help you harness all that energy.

It is a challenging task for us to reflect on ourselves, the things around us, and our lives. This is where guided meditation shall assist us. The ruthless judgment and honest eye of Scorpio are going to help you to the fullest in weeding out all the bad.

It is here let you acknowledge the crap you put up with and make you throw it into the garbage. Be prepared to make some changes. The Scorpio Full Moon will shine the brightest light onto them and compel you to do something about it.

You should really take in exactly what you need into the Gemini Season. While this can be a scary thing to imagine, it is the best thing ever. Your professional and social life are on an upswing, so protect it. But also cut out anything and everything that is toxic and an obstacle.

Here are some meditations which should help you:

Stay Positive Mediation

This meditation is useful as a pre-bed relaxer. It will assist you in creating a positive mood which you need in order to make progressive and not emotional selections.

Letting Go Meditation

Guided meditation will assist you in throwing out all the useless and toxic negativity you are harboring. Negativity is not only bad from a point of view of productivity, but it will also kill you both mentally and physically. So just kill it before that and be positive.

Drama Ending Meditation

You will inevitably be sucked into drama with the coming of Gemini Season. Use this time to shoo away that disgusting energy and focus on yourself to fortify yourself. Create an armor of positivity to keep out the pathetic negativity and drama out of your life. Find the energy center within you.

Centering Meditation

Being self-centered can be a very useful thing for us in a lot of situations. You can listen to this meditation prior to going to sleep. It will calm your mind and enable you to reflect on yourself peacefully. This, in turn, will let you have a good night’s sleep.

Distraction Expelling Meditation

It is amazing that your resolve during the last season was so clear. But it is absolutely necessary not to let it go. So, reflect on yourself. Spend some time on your own self, look at all the time behind you. Then look forward to the time that is approaching. You will be back and slotted into the correct gear with this meditation.

Which one did you find most useful?

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