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Mercury Transit Gemini May 21 – June 4: Distractions Around Every Corner

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by Conscious Reminder

The celestial body, Mercury concerns itself with communication and intellect. It has two signs which it calls home – Virgo and Gemini. During the time that Mercury resides in Gemini, a door swings open.

This open door aids us in clearing our heads, becoming mentally flexible, and keep an objective mind. This time encourages us to breathe in the fresh air of Gemini and let our minds be their young selves. All we need to do is let ourselves be curious and open to new things.

Ideas and facts are what truly entice Mercury. Communicating these new ideas and facts is what ties all this together. Reason and sensible detachment are what define Gemini.

All of this, when combined into the great expanse of Mercury in Gemini, is what lets information flow at a greater pace than ever before. The power merging truly benefits all thoughts processes, making it move at the speed of light.

Mercury In The Zodiac of Gemini

In case you feel a tad bit more distracted than you normally do, or even a feeling of being pulled in several directions, there is a high chance that the planet of Mercury is in the Zodiac of Gemini.

This phenomenon would mean it is going to be impossible to think without tangents. A single thought cannot remain a single thought. A one-way mind is bound to branch out into many streams.

Data and facts are the things which stimulate and entice Gemini and Mercury. Subjects such as the purpose of life, philosophy, and so many other giant picture problems are not supremely important to us this time when Mercury is in Gemini. It is due to this than talking might become easy, but the truth will not be easy to find.

In case writing that novel or innovating is in our mind, following through is going to be very difficult. So it suffices to say that high hopes are not ideal. It is because Gemini is a sign looking for new ideas and freshness.

Sticking to one thing for a while is not its strongest trait. Just make sure you record and keep track of every new thought that you like. Revisit them later to delve deeper into them.

Being Born During Mercury in the Zodiac of Gemini

The one thing which is bound to define your life is going to be logic! This is going to conclude how you will approach most, if not all things, in your life.

The use of emotions and intuition is not something you find to be ideal. This approach is bound to frustrate people who don’t see why detachment can be good. But this will keep you open-minded and help you adapt to everything super easily.

If you find yourself in the limelight in more places than one, it is a clear indication that you are adapting and really witty! The inquisitive mind and the curiosity you have been blessed with are paramount to no other.

This leads you to chase and find new facts, experiences, and information. It is true that you will not immerse yourself into one thing and become its master. But you truly realize there is so much to see and explore out there and sticking to one is not what makes you happy.

Words lie at your feet and you are their ruler. Being engaging and speaking well come to you very easily. You know what exactly it is that you want to say and how you should say it. Use this to your advantage!

Traits If You Were Born When Mercury Was in Gemini

  • Engaging
  • Intelligent
  • Scattered
  • Talkative
  • Gregarious
  • Inquisitive
  • Adaptable
  • Playful
  • Intellectual

What do you think you will do next?

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