Spiritual Meaning Of Owls

by Conscious Reminder

The most popular among the spirit animals is the owl. The owl symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, and intuition. However, this is only one of its various spiritual meanings. There are a lot more, of course.

Those people that have chosen this bird as their totem are definitely lucky ones. It actually shows that they have an excellent intuition are they find it easy to observe certain things that other people cannot, and they also trust their intuition.

Perhaps, they will ask themselves why, and the answer would be in the owl’s spiritual meaning. It influences their personality and their ways of being as well.

The owl’s spiritual meaning.

Owls have a lot of spiritual meanings. For example, they can be the symbol of intuition or the capacity to see something that other people cannot. Moreover, it will symbolize changes, see the real personality of others, and wisdom. However, it may even symbolize some negative aspects like death.

Here, we will explain these aspects in details:

Symbolizing intuition

This bird most commonly symbolizes intuitive knowledge. Such type of knowledge will be the one which is brought from a previous life, as we did not learn it. In fact, this knowledge only comes up, just like we knew it prior to now.

Symbolizing supreme observation

Owls are often seen as the animals which stay in the darkness and observe. They simply stay there patiently, staring at everything around them. In fact, this from where the supreme observation symbol comes from.

Those of us that have the owl as our totem animal will easily observe everything around us that other people cannot. Our capacity for figuring our problems and finding solutions is quite powerful. We always find ways out of hard situations.

Symbolizing change

This symbolic meaning of the owl is pretty common too. Ancient traditions portray owls as bringers of changes. Such changes may be weather changes, changes in our daily lives, changes in personality, etc.

As our spirit animal, it will teach us to face changes with patience. We know how significant changes are. And we respect each cycle of our lives. However, these changes can sometimes mean death.

Symbolizing death

In some ancient traditions, owls are known as announcers of death. However, death can be seen in positive ways too. This death may be our lives’ transition. Death does not represent the end, but it is actually the start of something else.

We should look at it in other ways, such as ending a hard time of our lives. Death may be the transition we live in our emotional existence plan. In that way, we may see the connection between death and changes.

Symbolizing wisdom

Just like we already mentioned above, owls are seen as observers. As we observe things, we will study and then learn them. In fact, this particular process will make us much wiser. That’s why owls are seen as highly wise animals, often the ones that are giving advice.

Symbolizing the seeing of the real personality of a person

As the owl symbolizes observation and intuition, these two things in combination may help us see beyond the masks of others. When we look at people, we observe each moment they do, and we hear each word they say.

This, in combination with our intuition, is instantly going to tell us who they really are. We will be able to see beyond the masks of everyone. Nobody will be able to fool us.

As the owl will be present in our lives as our spirit animal, it will be very meaningful. It is going to influence each part of our personality. It will inspire us to explore everything unknown.

Moreover, owls will inspire us to learn and discover more about life’s magic. The presence of the owl in our lives will be an invocation for spirituality. In fact, it will mean that we have to study various aspects of our existence.

Symbolizing invocation to knowledge

In our lives, our thirst for more knowledge is really powerful. When owls appear continually in our lives, we never take that for granted. However, we should be aware that they have messages for us. We should let owls guide us in our lives.

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