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Guiding Lost & Earthbound Souls Into The Light

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When souls leave physical bodies 90 hours right after the death, still lingering around physical earthly realms, we term them as discarnates.

In fact, there are various reasons why such souls don’t return to spiritual realms to which they are supposed to, and here are some of those reasons:

Awareness – Such souls don’t know what they do or are not aware of the fact that they died. Often, we may use SRT, or ask our High Selves to assist us in the process of sending those souls to the place they should be.

Attachment – These souls can attach themselves to several people like the ones they love, or also addicted to some earthly pleasures like substance abuse and alcohol.

For example, the discarnates that are with some alcohol addiction often hang around some places which have similar energies such as night spots or pubs. For alcoholics, some openings in the auras exist which the discarnates utilize actually to imbibe alcohol vicariously. In fact, this will give rise to another situation called discarnates in the aura.

It is actually akin to constantly feeling the energies of another. There are many people that have infinite aura openings and are alcohol addicts as well.

However, not just limited to the problem of alcohol abuse, but any other form of such extreme addiction or behavior may invite these souls with some similar patterns into their fields of energy.

This happens as what they actually need attracts them; some kind of possession will take place when the discarnates influence their victims to be extra addicted to the specific extreme behavior. In fact, that is why many people have difficulties in changing extreme behaviors or breaking addictions.

For such particular cases, they may use their High Selves in order to clear those addictions, and the discarnates, together with the host.

Also, it might be a case where discarnates have attachment programmes, or their host has programmes in order to attract them. It would be imperative to actually clear those programmes for both of them and help discarnates to get back to the perfect and right place for them.

Discordant energies – The misplaced souls are still holding themselves on to particular strong and discordant energies, such as injustice, deep fear, anger, etc.

Moreover, it is the attachment form when souls can’t release certain beliefs, judgments, and are stuck in certain forms of limited mindsets.

We clear the programmes of those souls, research the energies which they persistently hold on to with the use of the SRT Charts, and after that, we ask our Higher Selves or Angels to start educating those souls and also send them right where they are supposed to be.

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