Do You Think Twin Flame Telepathy Is Real?

by Conscious Reminder

Is the telepathy between twin flames real? Although it seems fantastical, telepathy between twin flames is real. In fact, the capacity for communicating telepathically exists within everyone.

The reason why many people experience such abilities with twin flames is that their gifts come more easily inside these relationships.

The mind-reading gifts or other related abilities are well documented, or more than only theoretical. When we know our gifts properly, we can use them as tools for our relationships’ success.

Why are twin flames developing telepathy?

Usually, twin flames are developing telepathy as natural results of their spiritual advancement and strengthening the connection.

In order to meet our twin flame, we should go through spiritual healing processes, probably for some period, and those processes should comprise of karmic lessons, self-realization, and karmic relationships.

All this will bring energies into our system, this time through the awakening process. There are many ways in which these energies will run through our chakras. One such way is establishing connections. In fact, one such connection is actually with our twin flame, always the most reliable connection available to us.

The energies in our heart chakra drive it, and it may deliver everything from thoughts and words to emotions and images. Such a secure connection, like the one we share, definitely has limitless potential for the so-called energy communication. While it strengthens, we gain better access to that ability.

Telepathy before meeting our twin flames.

These capacities are not just for our twin flames, however. Although it will be the most effective and the easiest way in which we can develop telepathic communication, it is definitely not the single way. We may have experienced everything before.

Throughout our lives, we made and also lost a lot of friends. Some of these friends were our best friends and people very close to our hearts, and they become some part of us which remains long even we have lost touch.

We should think about our time spent with these people. There were definitely some telepathy signs between us, although they were probably sporadic and weak because of our limited spiritual progress during that period.

Best friends who have the ability to communicate using their minds all the time are common among teenagers and children, although this is becoming rarer while we are getting older and developing friendships which are not that close.

Is twin flame telepathy all in our head?

Telepathy does not happen in our head – in fact, it doesn’t have any strong connection with our minds at all. It isn’t all in our head. In fact, it is the famous part of the karmic relationship, which almost all who were on this particular journey may attest.

Also, it does not feel like, in fact, it happens in our heads. Receiving telepathic messages isn’t something like hearing some voices and having some intrusive thoughts. In fact, it feels more like external feelings, excitations of energy fields around us.

When we are not sure, we may always check. We can experiment with this telepathy and then see what we can really get out of it.

Many people who are in such relationships are allowed to develop closer bonds with one another and even bring peace, balance, and most importantly love to that relationship.

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