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12 Clear Signs A Spirit Is Trying To Communicate With You

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Spirits are everywhere around us. There are times when we can notice them while there are also times when we can’t notice them.

When a spirit tried to contact us, we were probably experiencing quite peculiar things. In fact, there are several ways in which spirits can and are going to try to simply get our attention.

We can face some of them easily, but other ways may be prominent if we know what we look for. Messages from our spirit world may be really fascinating, in general.

These are the twelve clear signs indicating that spirits are contacting us:

We feel some air flowing right around us, which basically comes from nowhere.

We feel cold spells and chills coming from nowhere. In this way, our spirits gain our attention. Although sometimes it will be scary, it does not mean that the spirit in front of us is negative.

We have visions, like vivid daydreams that appear from nowhere.

Having vivid daydreams may mean that they aren’t daydreams at all. In fact, they can be messages or something similar to the spirits around us. This may appear as a déjà vu and even as a grave warning. Also, it will vary, which depends on the thing that is in front of us.

Messages pop into our head.

There are times when spirits will send us some messages in the form of thoughts. In fact, they are going to put some things in our heads, which we often don’t think about. These thoughts can also have their voices. This is definitely a unique experience.

Things we did not move will get moved.

When we have not moved something or no other person did so, but that something is missing, there are chances that spirits hid it or even moved it. Moving certain things to different locations can be done in order to make us think about a person that has passed away, and remind us that the person is with us. These are quite common things.

We have goosebumps without any particular reason.

This will go together with cold spells and chills in various areas. If we get goosebumps all of a sudden, there must be some reason for this happening. This could actually be someone that lightly caresses our arm or something similar.

Our dreams are constantly vivid.

While we are asleep, the spirit world’s veil and the one of the world in which we live is thinner than we could imagine. This permits the spirits to appear in our dreams and also speak to us. They might even present themselves in front of us or send us messages.

We hear specific songs.

When a particular song comes on all of a sudden or repeats during the day, someone might try to put him or herself on our mind.

We notice shadows right out of our eyes’ corners.

When spirits want to make themselves known or want to put their presence on our minds, they are going to move in front of us. We are going to notice their shadows right out of our eyes’ corners, or even orbs on photographs.

We smell some specific smell.

Just like we already said, when spirits want to make us remember something, they are going to do that in any way possible. For example, when our grandmother that has died wants us to think of her, she will make us feel the smell of the apple pie that she was making for us when we were younger. In this way, she will let us know that she is always there with and for us.

We hear something or someone calling our name.

We notice something or someone calling us out. Others around us can’t hear it, but for us, it is very prominent. This will happen more frequently than we realize. This will be the sign that a person would like to speak to us.

We see the identical animal all the time.

We notice the identical animal or even the identical type of animal quite a lot. In fact, this could definitely be some specific message for us attempting to portray itself to us. When we notice it more frequently, it is going to become more apparent.

We feel a presence around us.

We feel like a person is constantly with us. We can feel his or her presence, and he or she will make him or herself known. These feelings aren’t similar to other feelings and aren’t mistakable too.

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