A Ritual To Ride The Energy Wave Of The Powerful Lionsgate Portal 2019

by Conscious Reminder

Even though this year’s Lionsgate portal would open up from 26th July to 12th August 2019, it would reach its peak on 8th August.

Apart from the usual energies at work, it would also see the alignment of Jupiter and Venus. This means that the energies sent from the portal would get heavy with the positive energies sent as a result of this alignment.

This ritual would focus on cleansing our third eye and heart chakra, so these chakras are what we would work with to help with this ritual.


1. A tool for smudging

2. A pen and a journal

3. Crystals (2)

4. A timer


1. Cleans your surrounding and your aura with a tool for smudging. As your aura is getting cleansed, recite-

‘I am cleansing myself with a loving and positive light. Every energy that has no place in me is leaving my soul. I feel light, and I feel myself.’

Recite this while cleansing your surroundings-

‘My space has been protected and cleansed, so only positive energy and love can exist here.’

2. Sit comfortably, put your hand on your chest and shut your eyes. Then, try to breathe deeply, and feel it deep within your heart.

3. Now, start circling your chest with your hand, anti-clockwise. While you are doing it, imagine that you are also cleansing the energies in the heart. Do this for at least a 100 times and see if you can feel something new.

4. Next, move your hand clockwise over your heart, and try imagining your heart getting supercharged. Increase the size of the circles as you keep making them. See if the energy that radiates increase with the increasing circles. Do this for 100 times.

5. Repeat the same process with your third eye. Keep your hand over your forehead and move it anti-clockwise for 100 times, and then in a clockwise motion. In the end, you should feel sensations that you would do well to remember.

6. Lie down, put a crystal over your heart and one on the forehead and try to meditate. Clear your soul, your mind, and feel the crystals sinking inside your body with the help of these chakras.

7. Now, pick up a journal and start writing any of the feelings that you came across while doing this ritual. It could be a prayer, it could be an epiphany, it could be a realization, it could literally be anything that was lurking in your subconscious but is out in the open right now. Don’t stop to think, let it come naturally to you. Set a timer for about 20 minutes and write every single word, thought that effuses out of you.

8. Read what you have written. Does it make sense? Do you understand what’s written? Do you understand why you have written it? Appreciate the spirit guides for guiding you through this.

9. Keep the crystals on you as you sleep and don’t forget to drink water or tea to keep the energy level high.

Have a happy Lionsgate.

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