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Mars Transit Virgo Aug 17 – Oct 3: Time To Be More Productive

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by Conscious Reminder

Although Mars in conjunction with Virgo might seem like a bad idea, they are quite a good fit in practice.

Mars is direct and impulsive, while Virgo is thoughtful and careful. So, when they get together this August 18th, they make things happening fast and precise.

Also, both hate wasting more time than is necessary. So, most tasks that might have seemed pretty rough and time-consuming should be completed in a jiffy at this point.

Mars hates wasting time, because they simply are impatient by nature, while Virgo is all focused on efficiency. So August to October 2019 is the best time for you to hustle and finish all due work.

Mars’s Position in Virgo

Mars in Virgo is the best time to reduce time in work. This means that if a work can be done in 1 hour, but takes 4 hours, we need to see the excesses and delays that stretch the time period. And with Virgo’s determination to bring about efficiency in everything, the extra time gets skinned off.

Mars in Virgo is also a perfect time to look after oneself. With Virgo’s power over the 6th house, one should join a gym or start a new routine. For, routines made in this period usually stick.

But, this can also be a problem. With Virgo overly enthused with efficiency, and Mars always in a hurry, we might find things that might not put up with our expectations of them.

Sometimes, things would get tawdry or dirty and we would erupt. More often than not, this goes inwards and we find ourselves in a deep soup.

This is the best time to be looking inwards, without trying to focus on the problems of others. Manage your finances, while also developing skills that would help you navigate this life better.

Traits Of Mars-Virgo Babies

Attentive Competent Focused Goal-oriented

Humble Orderly Practical Thoughtful

Characteristics Of Mars-Virgo Babies

You are a neat freak, be it dishes, or bills. You simply don’t like the sight of dirty clothes on your bed or the pile of dishes in your sink. You would rather get down and do it instead of waiting for someone to do it for you.

With Mars in Virgo, you always attempt to be a master at everything you do. And this is logical, for Mars is all about acting up, and Virgo all about being precise and focused enough to learn it. Also, dedication to not let go!

You get restless if you aren’t working. You simply need something that would make you busy, especially with your hands and mind. You also would prefer to be of use to someone, precisely why most people born under this astrological chart go into health care.

You are also very observant and adhere to rules. This is perfect as long as it enables one to follow deadlines and do work properly. But it gets pretty problematic when you turn rigid and perfectionist. There is always a difference between being observant and being critical.

You aren’t an exuberant lover, with grand displays of said love. You simply want a cool relationship, where the little things matter.

So utilize this time period as Mars transits in Virgo and get all your work done. Don’t worry, once all done, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and party!

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