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Renewal, As The 999 Portal Opens Up This September 9th, 2019

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

With September coming up very fast, we should expect a lot of changes before us. That being said, there is nothing to fear really, for we can buckle up and sort through the various energies that would be in play.

The 9th of September would bring about a whole host of elements that we might never have thought of. One of them, and the principal one is the portal of 999.

For the uninitiated, this means that date on 9th September 2019 would be 999, which would most definitely open up an energy portal which we haven’t experienced in quite a long time.

Most of us might have already started feeling it – if you are cranky, this is probably why.

The numeral 9 has always been a very powerful and magnetic number. It doesn’t allow anyone to slip out of its grasp and has an extremely vibrant frequency which can take charge in times of crisis.

This portal, hence, is going to bring up a whole host of wisdom and opportunities while making sure that you do not let go of either. The presence of the very energies is going to make your work even harder, and with greater zeal.

Being a Sagittarius would entail finding your roots. For, to renew something, you need to get to its origins. In fact, while this seems like a bit of jargon, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is tough.

All you have to do is search –  search for lost meaning, and search for your identity in places that you never fully observed.

This period is going to be positive only if you make it. Try behaving normally, and settle all problems with everyone around you.

For, there might be storms in the horizon waiting for you to slip up and this is the time for you to get a grip on things. So, decide if you want to make things better or worse – it is all in your hands.

This entire journey begets a lot of rides. A lot of rides with several twists and turns, but no visible journey in the end. You might have a lot of questions, as is natural.

But most of those questions wouldn’t have an answer. Are you feeling the energy in the air? Are you understanding what it symbolizes for you?

All you need to do is put your chin up, set your game face on, and work. Go for it. There is nothing more you would want to be doing at this point of time, for the energies would develop you anyway.

You will be growing, even when it isn’t visible to you. You are strong, you will get through.

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