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What Role Does The Warrior Planet Mars Play In Your Love Life?

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by Conscious Reminder

Mars signifies positive energy and a zeal to get what we want. Mars provides us with the desire to act, as well as feel excited regarding what’s about time come.

We might get all entrepreneurial and innovative – about to secure what we have laid eyes on. When it comes to love, the same Martian energy gives us the energy to work for what we believe to be right, even in relationships.

Mars helps when one meets someone under the positive light of it. You would be more inclined to take steps towards ensuring that the relationship develops into something worthwhile. You won’t be waiting for them to take the first step.

But remember that this will last for just a handful of days, so don’t delay it. With the 5th house in Mars, you would want to bring out a new relationship, or simply focus on rebuilding an existing relationship.

Your biggest award would come in the way you deal with the relationship that you are aspiring to go into. The 7th house would allow you the luxury of being able to commit to a relationship, without being unnecessarily hassled into it.

In the 8th house, you will get a desire to entertain physical intimacy, which will also help improve your relationship. All these houses would last for around a couple of months, so think before you leap.

But when it is intense Martian energy, it is better not to spend time on love, for the frustration, the anger, and the irritation that will come out isn’t feasible for love. Why not spend time on yourself physically at that point?

You need to understand that with the addition of this extra energy into you, you need to constantly work to get rid of it, or you would not be able to feel at peace.

This will lead to anger issues and fights happening regularly, and without restraint. Good time to sleep around though, but only if you can deal with the frustration of being alone.

Mars in a synastric bond would lead to you and your partner simply hanging out as friends. Even if you think that the relationship isn’t really happening, you can still just be friends.

Although there would be fun in this dynamic, you might also fight equally rough. So, be sure about what you need with that person, so as to keep all your fights to the barest of minimums.

If you somehow manage to get Venus into the fray, you are in for a very romantic connection. Else, you could also bring about Pluto and Saturn into your life, which will really bring in a long-lasting relationship.

For, Mars in its own might result only in flings, not meaningful relationships.

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