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Understanding The Merkaba, Your Inter-Dimensional Light Body

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Many traditions all over the world find the sacred geometry of Merkaba to be central to their spiritual practices.

Merkaba is simply the unadulterated energy that your ascended self in the upper realms of consciousness gets access to.

Using it, one can unlock several powers of the metaphysics that one’s spiritual life might bring. One should always try to understand the concept of Merkaba better in order to form strong connections with one’s inner wisdom.

Merkaba is applicable to enhance your instinctive comprehension of the design of the body, spirit, and mind too.


It is also known as the ‘light body’. The word is actually an amalgamation of three words- Mer, which means ‘light’, Ka, which means ‘spirit’, and Ba, which means ‘body’. Or you could simply understand it being the spiritual part of the triad of body-mind-spirit.

Also, it is basically the metaphysics of one’s being.

On a primeval level, it is constructed of one’s chakra, aura, and the various forms of energy that intersect your lines of meridian.

Do You Have One?

Although it is present in all, it usually lies dormant in most cases.  Previously, it was believed that only masters who have ascended the realm of material consciousness could find the power to unlock it.

But now, with the Internet everywhere you go, you can easily find the information available that will assist you in the process.

When you activate your Merkaba, you get the ability to unlock previously unavailable powers.  It also includes the notion of inter-dimensional energy, while also bringing in source energy.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is assigned to various symbols and shapes that have accorded spiritual and religious significance in the lives of people since prehistoric times.

While it does seem weird that many religions or beliefs in the world have a similar sacred geometrical figure, it is because most shapes on Earth have a spiritual connotation to it.

They not only look pretty but also have wisdom hidden inside them. It is believed that most shapes have their powers manifested in the very design they come in. And that belief has never been out of fashion.


One aspect of Merkaba geometry which makes it special is its ability to talk to us directly. Actually, you need to frequent it directly, in order to activate it.

The geometry of one’s light body is a result of two tetrahedrons which are opposing to each other over three dimensions. As it can be guessed already, this is the energy of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine represented by the two tetrahedrons, which we need to balance.  The point where they intersect makes a small star-shaped tetrahedral, which is their mass center.

While it is not really abnormal to have similar forms of energy constantly, it doesn’t help the body. You need to have opposing forces at work, which will help the body get to a position of homeostasis.

In fact, if the types of energy present in yourself turn out to be the same, it will lead to chakra over-activation or blockages.

As the Merkaba gets activated the tetrahedrons start rotating in opposite directions, creating a vortex of energy. With the increase in the rotation, you will be able to bring in more layers of what your aura represents.

You could also take recourse to breathing techniques that will help you take your aura to maximum capacity.

Merkaba isn’t just a symbol for the sacred, it is also a vehicle that will help transport you between dimensions. This is precisely how the Indigo Children, Starseeds, and Crystals reach us.

The Merkaba Star

As the name goes, it is a star that will help you reach your higher self, and attain access to your body of light. It can be used in case of astral travel too.

For people who have never collected crystals before, this can be a great start to your collection. Also, it is extremely vital, for it forms the foundation of most rituals that you would do.

Yet, if crystals make you feel queasy, you can always introduce them in your life through clothes or posters with a specific geometric design.

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