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The Emotional Libra Season Is Asking You To Try To Understand Others

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We know that you want your voice to reverberate throughout the room, but that won’t get you many admirers. You actually need to let others talk, understand their point of view, and let them express themselves clearly.

You need to understand that Libra is not just about relationships- it goes way more than that. Think of those times when you wanted someone by your side, but couldn’t find anyone, simply because you were too obstinate and stubborn to listen to someone. Well, don’t make that mistake again.

Since we would also have Venus in our midst, try to learn to balance things properly. With Venus, it gets very easy to fall in love, with love. We love to talk, we love to interact, but that would only be possible if we went beyond our own corner and understood everyone else.

As it stands, Libra always falls during the Autumn Equinox- a sign from the Universe that equality and balance are what is necessary for humans to live efficiently. Learn to compromise, learn to meet people halfway through- you will learn a lot more.

We aren’t all as emotional as the water signs, but that doesn’t make us robots. We still feel, we still express, and we still need good and healthy communication to maintain a relationship.

This is precisely why it is so important to listen to others- who knows, we might get a different point of view. Actually, listening to others isn’t a bad thing, for it highlights your character, and shows how you respect others. Of course, you must have your own opinion too, but it is also required to listen to others.

It isn’t as much emotional, as it is simply keeping an open mind. Every single narrative has two sides to it, and we would do well to listen to both sides of the story before coming to a resolution.

And whilst you are sitting on the other side of Aries, you must feel the fun in getting to hear both sides, and being totally balanced- as all things should be.

It is interesting to note that Venus’ sign is usually Aphrodite’s mirror- something that would show others what they are. Now, if you observe closely, this mirror has a two-pronged approach.

Apart from making Libras extremely good looking, and enabling them to see this beauty, they also turn Libras into very mirrors, through which they mirror others. This leads to harmony in the society, as others can see where they lack, and we start syncing with the people around us.

It isn’t just love, it isn’t just relationships. It is a lot more than just finding out who you are romantically attracted to. This is the time to know everything about yourself- which you previously didn’t.

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